A Cheap & Easy Spring Break for Families (Frugal Friday)

A Cheap & Easy Spring Break for Families (Frugal Friday) - Download these two weeks' worth of spring break fun that is frugal as well as easy to pull off.

This time of year, many folks’ thoughts turn to road trips and tropical vacations. After a long winter haul through school and inclement weather, spring break offers welcome relief from what is known as “same old, same old.”

Not everybody, however, can afford said road trips and tropical vacations. Or else, one or both parents isn’t able to take time off work when the kids are off from school.

That’s where some clever planning is involved. Download this Plan for Spring Break for FREE. It includes everything you need for two weeks’ worth of spring break fun.

Since some families find that inclement weather rains on their spring break parade, there is an INDOOR plan as well as an OUTDOOR plan. Mix and match the days and their activities to suit you and your family and your season of life.

Whatever you chose, make sure it’s a little ways away from “same old”. These activities and ideas should get you going in the right direction.

spring break sample

Just print the plans, and you’ve got a cheap and easy spring break planned for your family. I’m personally looking forward to doing these things with my kids the first week of April and/or peppering them throughout our upcoming weekends.

Other Spring Break Ideas

What are YOUR plans for Spring Break?

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  1. We are probably going to do a mix of school, visiting with friends who are off school, sleeping in and staying up late.

  2. I don’t have any kids at home anymore but when my children were young they LOVED being in the kitchen with me, especially if we were baking. I made these cute Shamrock Rice Krispy Treats last night that would be perfect for an easy and fun kitchen project. Enjoy your break all.

  3. We will be taking our trailer down south a couple of hours and play in one of our beautiful National Parks. The campsite we have is only $25 a night with water and electricity and all meals will be cooked on site. The only extra cost will be gas and entrance fees. One of my favorite, cheap, getaways.

    Some of our frugal accomplishments for the past week:

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