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Get Your Meal Plan On

Posted By Jessica Fisher On March 2, 2014 @ 8:08 am In Budget Living,Meal Planning | 8 Comments

You gotta eat this week, so get your meal plan on.

Get Your Meal Plan On - Get your meal plan ready for the week so you can avoid hangry people.

There are nine things you can do to make tomorrow better [4]. And at least that many tasks you can tackle now to improve your whole week [5].

In and around all the things that you need to do this week, feeding your family ranks pretty high.

I don’t know about your kids, but mine seem to be hungry, or hangry, as the case may be, all. the. time. Having a meal plan means that I’m prepared.

Case in point: as I type this post, destined to publish tomorrow morning, I realize that it is now after 5 pm on Saturday night, and my people are going to ask when we’re going to eat. It is just a matter of minutes before the first or the fifth comes in with that query. I also know that I neglected to pull the ground turkey out of the freezer to make the dish I had planned to make. So, that means I need a back up plan. That plan, pulled from my What to Eat When There’s Nothing to Eat [6] bag of tricks will be nachos [7].

I have a plan, but it’s not as smooth as it could be. But, I planned. And I planned a back-up. See that? I saved my own bacon before I even knew I’d need to.

The moral of this story is: Don’t be a dork like me; follow through on your meal plan [8].

But, first you have to have a meal plan.

Get Your Meal Plan On - Get your meal plan ready for the week so you can avoid hangry people. [9]

There are 40 FREE Printable Meal Plans [9] here on Life as MOM. Complete with grocery lists and meal prep tips, these handy-dandy plans will help you take a break this week.

Get Your Meal Plan On - Get your meal plan ready for the week so you can avoid hangry people. [10]

Want to learn how to make your own meal plans with recipes your family knows and loves? Read the Meal Planning 101 series [11]. We’re tackling every possible angle of meal planning, including how to teach me to thaw. If you’d like to learn how to meal plan better this year, check out the posts [10] you’ve missed and catch a glimpse at what’s coming up.

So, you got your meal plan on?

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