Red, White & Blue Scones

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I’m not sure if it’s the school teacher genes in my DNA or what, but I get kinda giddy about color coding. Primary colors make me smile. I’ve even owned a snowman-embroidered cardigan in my time. And planning food to match a holiday? I’m all over that.

How can you celebrate the Fourth of July without some red, white, and blue food? Seriously.

Longtime readers will remember the Red, White, and Blue Cake Pop fiasco of last year. Yes, well. Let’s say it was one of my more ambitious, though ill-conceived, moments.

This Independence Day, I’m still relishing in the color scheme, but this year, I think we have a winner.

Red, White, and Blue Scones

Oh my! These were good. And they were incredibly freezer-friendly. And they were also incredibly fattening. But, oh my! These were good. Talk about Old Glory!

This recipe makes a huge quantity of scones that will just melt in your mouth. Bake them and enjoy right away. Bake and freeze. Or, mix and form the batter and then flash freeze them for instant morning happiness.

What’s a dish you like to prepare for the Fourth?

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Next week: Recipes to Cool Off with.

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  1. Those look delish and so festive! Thank you for hosting! 😀

  2. My daughter LOVES scones! I wonder if I would dare make them with only blueberries?

  3. Those Scones look great! I bet they would make a great breakfast to take to the Parade route with us!
    Thanks for hosting!

  4. Those scones look soooooo YUMMY! I’m going to have to give them a try! Blueberry scones and coffee here I come!

  5. Jessica Guerrero says:

    What exactly do you mean when you say flash freeze? How do I do this with just a normal freezer?

    • Jessica Fisher says:

      I flash freeze these in my side-by-side freezer. Just place the uncooked scones on a tray (make sure it’s a tray that will fit in your freezer). Once they are stiff, remove the tray from the freezer and place the scones in a freezer bag. I find that my “normal freezer” actually does this more quickly than my deep freeze.

  6. I would love to try making these! Quick question for you – If I freeze the baked scones, what would be the best way you suggest to reheat them?? Put in the oven again, micro or just thawing?? New to freezer cooking myself 🙂

  7. I am going to add this to a post, I have listing Fourth of July Recipes. This is just perfect.

  8. These scones are perfect for packing up and nibbling on while watching the parade on the 4th. Thanks!

  9. Wow, those look SO good! What a treat!!

  10. I’m with you – I love matching colors for holidays! For Christmas, I’ve been known to make a cheesecake with raspberries surrounded by ivy for the red and green effect! This looks delicious.

  11. Yummo!!

  12. Although those scones do look delicious, I’m more of a cupcake gal. I found this really cute recipe from Howcast while searching for 4th of July recipes. Simple and easy, even the kids can help!
    Here is the link if anyone is interested!


  13. Love all those recipes! Great idea. Thanks for putting that together!

  14. Sounds like the perfect recipe: low sugar, high fat. Eating fat doesn’t make you fat, that’s a myth. Fat actually keeps you healthy. So these really are great!

  15. Oh I can’t wait to go through these links! I’ve been looking forward to this theme. 🙂

  16. Wow! I’m glad i found you. This looks like a great resource and I have actually added my link above. You will find 10 of my favorite 4th of July Desserts. However you seem to have a few that I haven’t encountered before, so I will definitely give those a try.

  17. What does the half and half do this this recipe? Can I replace it with soy or coconut milk?

  18. I saw this on a 4th of July roundup and just had to pin it. I hope you’ll share your best post of the week on my Friday Flash Blog Linky Party going on ALL weekend at The Jenny Evolution.


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