Entertaining with Good Cheap Eats

Life as MOM contributor Janel shares how the Good Cheap Eats cookbook has streamlined her entertaining these past few months.

Easy Entertaining with the Good Cheap Eats Cookbook - Streamline the planning process for your entertaining by using the Good Cheap Eats Cookbook and the Wine4.Me App. |
My life has been hectic for the last six months to say the least. I’ve had to pack up all our worldly belongings for a cross-country move, unpack said belongings into a new home, unexpectedly switch to homeschooling my kids part-time, and try to run my part-time business from home while managing our home. I’m exhausted just typing all that.

Thankfully, we used to live in this area before we had kids and already had a circle of friends waiting for us when we moved back. This has helped ease the transition. It’s also meant that we’ve been able to jump right into entertaining by inviting old friends over for a meal as well as hosting new neighbors and coworkers.

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9 Ways to Just Keep Calm

Feeling a little stressed? Now’s the time to chill out so you can enjoy the holiday season. Check out these 9 ways to “just keep calm”.

9 Ways to Just Keep Calm: Feeling a little stressed? Now's the time to chill out so you can enjoy the holiday season. Check out these 9 ways to "just keep calm".

I used to get so wound up over Christmas. I made presents, baked cookies, crafted cards. I even mailed them. I was in a competition with Martha Stewart. You should have seen me. Ugh.

Now, I just try not to get stressed out. Last year I zeroed in things that help me NOT be stressed. I posted it as part of a series, to help you and me enjoy this season more. Here are the posts again in case you missed one:

What helps YOU stay calm at the end of the year?

Win a Holmes Smart Air Purifier with WeMo

WeMo Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win a Holmes Smart Air Purifier with WeMo.

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Teacher Gifts that Money Can’t Buy

teacher gifts

Are you debating on what to give to your child’s teacher? Life as MOM contributor JessieLeigh has some gift ideas that can’t be purchased at the store but will be loved by teachers. At the holidays, many of us work hard to find ways to show the teachers, therapists, and specialists at our children’s schools […]

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The New Holmes Smart Air Purifier with WeMo

wemo featured

Dust mites can wreak havoc on your family’s allergies. Consider an air purifier to help mitigate the dust and other allergens.

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Fighting for Christmas

Fighting for Christmas - Even if you

I think that’s when I realized that sometimes we have to fight for Christmas, for our kids.

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The Weekly Ramble

weekly ramble logo

Where I blog like it’s 2004. The week’s highlights include too much stuff, bah humbug, and 15 odontoma.

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How We Are Refinishing Our Chairs and a Giveaway from Rockwell Tools

rockwell after

Thanks to some easy tricks we can refinish used stuff and make it new again, like this simple method to refinish a chair.

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