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  1. Nancy Lundy says:

    I LOVE Pinterest! I’ve got a board for “gifts.” Since my hubby has no interest in Pinterest, I can add pics of gifts for Christmas, etc.

  2. I use Pinterest for ALL of my ideas. I have one for summer ideas and craft projects and home decor and party planning! That’s been the best use so far. I have to throw my sister’s bridal shower and it’s great for keeping all the visual ideas in one place.

  3. I’m loving pinterest; I’m such a visual person!!

    I’ve just “followed” several of your boards–thanks! :-)

  4. I think you read my mind, because I was JUST thinking of giving pinterest another try. i know there’s value in that web app, i just wanted to figure out what.

  5. Suzanne says:

    I have been pinning like a crazy person and repinning from your boards. I’m planning to do a homemade Christmas this year – all hand made gifts (with a couple exceptions for my boys). I’ve gotten some fabulous ideas!

  6. Great idea!

  7. I love Pinterest. It’s such a great way to organize all those great ideas I run across. I’ve started organizing Christmas ideas as well.

  8. Carrie R. says:

    I have not used Pinterest yet but looking at your pinboards, I think I am hooked! Thanks so much for introducing this to me! :)

  9. Had never heard of this! Looks really cool!

  10. You know, I’ve been resisting pinterest because I’m afraid of wasting even MORE time on the computer (ha!) but planning for Christmas may be its perfect use. Thanks for all these great ideas, especially the Christmas ebook.

  11. I’m dying to make my own pinboards, but I’m on the “waiting list” for Pinterest! so sad…

  12. I adore Pinterest! Spend way too much time there and have boards for all kinds of things, especially homeschool.

  13. what exactly is required of me to get all this free space. Do they want all my private info etc.

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