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  1. Love the writing their name out in chalk idea! My son (almost 2) and I love to play with our sidewalk chalk. We always are writing big notes in the driveway to welcome Daddy home from work! My son loves to read off the letters to me and my husband always likes the handwritten note!

  2. In the mornings I program my bread machine so that I can have fresh baked bread coming out of the oven when the kids get home. I like to use the dough cycle so I’d have more flexibility for rolls, loaves, breadsticks etc. As high school kids involed in after school atheletic practices, they would come home starving, and I had no hesitation to serve fresh milled whole wheat baked items right out of the oven. Two of my kids are off at college now, but they still say coming home to the smell of fresh baked bread was an awesome welcome home everyday!

    • I love this idea! Fresh baked bread is such a wonderful, homey smell and experience. I bet your kids miss it now that they’re at college, but it will make those homecomings even sweeter!

      • Sometimes I send bread dough back to college with my daughter when she visits. She has made lots of friends in dorm by baking rolls in the hall kitchen. Seems like everyone on her hall comes out for the homey smell and warm rolls!

  3. My oldest just left for his first day of first grade today (sniff, sniff). It’s also his first time being away all day; kindergarten was only 1/2 a day. I wrote a little note for his lunch box & now I’m trying to figure ut how to make the coming home special. if it wasn’t raining the sidewalk chalk is a GREAT idea. I’ve got meals planned out for the rest of the week (we will be so sick of chicken LOL) need to find an easy snack to make

    • I’m sniffling with you, Cheryl! This “full day” stuff is all new for me this year. Lunch box notes are so special. (Even my husband likes to get those– but don’t tell him I revealed that in a blog comment! ;))

  4. This is just in time for my girls’ homecoming from their first day of 6th grade. Love the snack idea. (I think they’d die of embarrassment if I wrote in chalk. They’ve outgrown that ‘silly’ stuff I guess. Great for little kids, though.)

  5. Those are such great ideas!!! I especially love the chalk idea. My daughter will be home for lunch every day this semester, so looking forward to some lunch dates. My son on the other hand won’t get home until dinner. Thinking I like the bean bag idea, some place for them to crash and we can hang out and talk.

  6. I love the idea of the homemade bread, such a comforting smell. I also love the sidewalk chalk idea. My daughters are only in nursery & preschool but what great traditions to start. I do remember my own Mom putting notes in my lunch box and them really making my day. Thanks for all of the great ideas.

  7. I drive my kids too and from school, so it’s a little different. I get out of the car and give them a big smile and a big hug both at drop off and pick up rather than having them let themselves in and out of the car. This routine originally started because the door handle of our van stopped working, but it created such a valuable connection point that I’ve been doing it ever since.

  8. My oldest is in her first year of college (sniff, sniff), but my youngest, at 16, still looks forward to me opening the door every day when she gets off the bus. That’s all I do – open the door for her and ask how her day was – but it’s clear it’s important to her. On the infrequent days that I don’t hear the bus and get to the door a little later than usual, she’s disappointed.

    • I love that, Elise, and find it so encouraging. My oldest is now 8, but your comment gives me hope that they might still enjoy seeing my smiling face for many years to come. :)

  9. We have notebook agendas at school in which the kids have to write down their homework each day and bring it home. There’s a section included each day for “notes.” This is where I kind of journal what my child did that day in her life and write to her. It’s fun to go back at the end of school and look at it, and she loves to read it all the time.

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