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  1. Yep, my hubby too! And he learns a lot from online resources too. What a blessing to have resourceful husbands!

    But on the topic of DIY, did you ever read The Millionaire Mind and other books in the series? These guys are not DIY people, but focus on what they’re good at, as the author noted explicitly. That’s bothered me, but I think they must have been DIY types at first. Any thoughts on that?

  2. Hi–the link up is not appearing….
    :) Michy

  3. My husband does a lot of car repairs himself. He watches an online tutorial and figures it out. It’s saved us a ton of money over the years.

  4. I looked for recalls on our Honda Odysseys once, and found out what the problem was. We saved hundreds of dollars by doing so…

  5. I don’t know how to do all of the above, but I should learn. On more than one occasion, I’ve been glad that I know how to jump start a car and check/fill the tires because I’ve been solo with the kids and have had to do it. I have friends who don’t know how!

    Also, link-up not appearing . . .

  6. Carla Sorensen says:

    I also can not see the usual link up. Just FYI.

    Blessings from the LORD to you and your family today.

  7. (I won’t repeat my (too long) comment again. I might have just posted it 10 times without it showing up yet.)

    This week I shared instructions to make string cheese. A half gallon of milk will net a half pound of cheese, which is much, much cheaper than buying the little packets.

    Thank you for hosting, and have a great week!

  8. Thank you for this post. I’d also like to second your recommendation to “invest”. If you have the right tool a miserable job can be a snap. And depending on the job, you can often cover the cost of the tool in one use.

    One reason that we do our own work (yes, I’m under the car as well), is because sometimes it’s important to know that the job was done correctly…

    When we first bought our current car we couldn’t get the lug nuts off to rotate the tires (we had to get someone with a compresser to do the job) — this meant someone had overtightened the lug nuts which can be bad as undertightened. A little distressing since the car had previously been the dealer rental with all of its service handled on site!

  9. I definitely need to find a manual for our Honda Odyssey. One of the doors needs new rollers, and my handy dh thinks he can fix it which would be great. I had the dealership fix the other side which cost us about $300. Even if we can’t do it ourselves, I’m sure having the manual will help us figure out other stuff.

    My dad was/is a mechanic and never took the time to teach me or my sister how to check the oil or do really minor stuff on our cars. I so wish he had.

    I also have AAA. Before I had it, I got a flat tire while driving to my neice’s school concert. Fortunately, my bil was with us, and was able to take care of changing out the tire for me. I got AAA after that just in case I was someplace where I couldn’t do anything.

  10. I haven’t attempted changing the oil or anything like that, but I did replace our engine filter yesterday. It saved us about $30 to do a 5 min job. The biggest frustration was that our manual didn’t even have a diagram to show where it was! I found this awesome site with lots of videos for specific cars for basic maintenance.
    Also, we have replaced our battery and windshield wipers at autozone. Their prices might not be the absolute lowest, but they will install those for you at no charge. Much cheaper than the auto repair place, and we got higher quality than what our dealer was offering us.

  11. I learned how to fix my first car…the only problem? It was a 79. So what I learned hasn’t applied to anything else that I’ve owned. Time to brush up!

  12. My favorite way to save money on car repairs is to push out my oil changes. The last several times i’ve been to the oil change place i’ve sort of interviewed the guys working there on how often you should change your oil. I now have unanimous consent to push it out to at least 4,000 mi. plus. It has to do with the new engines are more durable and my car is a 2006 so its not that new but I’m good with 4,000 maybe even 5,000 mi. I do spend the extra money for the best oil? I am still researching that…..

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