To Tell the Truth and Nothing But the Truth?

Are you willing to tell the truth? The whole truth and nothing but? Or will you tell it with a little bit of something extra? I’ve been thinking about truth a lot lately. You see, sometime last year, or maybe it was over the last five years, I got to the point where honesty mattered […]

March Meal Planning Madness – LIMITED TIME SALE

Don’t eat another bowl of cold cereal for dinner. Get with the plan. A meal plan, that is. Do you find yourself staring at the open refrigerator at 5 o’clock, wondering what in the world you’re going to have for dinner? Do you ever fill the grocery cart with good healthy ingredients only to throw […]

Plan a Staycation & Save Money

Plan a staycation to save the money. Adventure is still to be had as you play the tourist in your own town. Enjoy sleeping in your own bed, too! My motto, as you must know by now, is “Go big or go home”. It applies to my family size, my to-do list, my car, and […]

Getting Ready for the Week Ahead

Planning for the week ahead, rather than letting it happen to you, can help you make the most of all the great things in your life. This post does include affiliate links. If you make a purchase through those links, I am paid a small amount in way of advertising fees. Your price does not […]

FREE Weekly Meal Plan to Print and Cook #1

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone create a meal plan for you and prep a grocery list while she’s at it? Try this weekly meal plan on for size. I am a big proponent of meal planning. Since I have always loved thinking and talking about food, not to mention eating it, I have […]

Five Favorite Things: The Randomness Edition

I’m sharing five favorite things, randomly this week. What are you loving lately? This post contains affiliate links. When you make a purchase through those links, I am paid a small amount in advertising fees. Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it. Pantone “colors of spring” This is your weekly edition of Five Favorite […]

This and That

Details on the outfit I’ve been thinking a lot about this world of blogging lately. If you get the Life as Mom newsletter, you’ve already heard some of my ramblings. I entered “the blog world” when everything was new, bright, and shiny. Most of us were on free blog platforms like Blogger (aka Blogspot). No […]

3 Easy Ways to Prepare for Easter as a Family

Want to add a deeper spiritual dynamic to your Easter preparation? Consider one of these three easy ways to prepare for Easter.