Wraps (More Lunchbox Ideas)

Wraps - More Lunchbox Ideas from Life as Mom

Wraps are a great way to enjoy lunch. They can be low or no-carbs, packed with veggies (or not) and super delicious to eat on the go. In the old days a school lunch held one of a limited range of sandwiches: PB&J, bologna, American cheese, and maybe tuna or egg salad. At least those […]

The Weekly Ramble

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The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004. The week flew by and here I am trying to remember what I did. I slept in past 7 am on multiple occasions. I know, sounds like a really small deal. But, it’s a big deal for me. I’m trying to take things easier. I like […]

How to Save Money Cooking at Home

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Want to learn how to save money cooking at home? It’s not difficult. You’ll eat better, save money, and meet your budget. During our first year of marriage I spent more than $500/month to feed two of us. The year was 1994. If push came to shove, today, I could feel all eight of us […]

Easy Freezer Meals (FREE Cooking Plan to Go with Good Cheap Eats)

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Want to fill your freezer the quick and easy way? Check out these easy meals to freeze and download the free cooking plan. Stashing away some easy freezer meals is one of the biggest favors I can do for myself. Not only am I avoiding fast food and more expensive convenience items, but I’m also […]

The Weekly Ramble

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The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004. This week has been a week of survival. Between the whole family getting sick and the heatwave of the century, I’ve been a melting puddle trying to keep this ship afloat. I’m hoping the worst is over on both counts. And there I feel like I […]

Emergency Supplies Checklist

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Are you ready for an emergency? It can strike when you least expect it. Get ready with this emergency supply checklist. I grew up in earthquake country, but never experienced a big one. I was off at college at the time. My siblings, however, can still recount how scary it was and how they camped […]

Freezer Cooking Chat

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This week is Freezer Cooking Days! Just a friendly reminder about Tuesday night’s Freezer Cooking Chat on the Life as Mom Facebook Page.  We’ve got a few giveaways to help your freezer cooking out this month. Back to school means crazy dinners, right? Not when you have a freezer full of good stuff. See you at […]

The Weekly Ramble

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The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004. I am paid a small amount in advertising fees when you make a purchase through affiliate links in this post. Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it. This week flew by in a flash. I know, I say that every week. Why can’t time stand still? […]