Back to School Traditions to Celebrate

Back to School Traditions | Life as Mom

It’s important to have ways to mark the passing of the seasons. Practicing back to school traditions can be a great way to celebrate a new school year and transition to a new routine. It’s hard to say goodbye to the lazy days of summer. I, for one, prefer not to have obligations and schoolwork to […]

Personalized Household Notebook – Doing It My Way

Personalized Household Notebook  Life as Mom

A personalized household notebook is a homemaker’s best friend. I’ve tried lots of methods of binding my notebook, and have found that the spiral binding is key. Every successful woman uses some kind of organizational method. I’m not saying that she uses something complicated. But, unless she’s got a photographic memory or a million hired hands, […]

Building Your Academic Calendar for Homeschooling

Homeschool Planner

One of the benefits of the homeschool life is that you get to set the calendar! Here’s how to build an academic calendar for homeschooling. I’ll confess, one of my favorite parts of homeschooling is that no one else tells me where I have to be and when. While I’m a stickler for doing real […]

Eat at Home More Often

Barley Beef and Vegetable Soup 700

Want to improve your family’s diet? Learn how to eat at home more often to save money, control ingredients, and enjoy the meal together. Beef, Barley, and Vegetable Soup Over the last few years we’ve transitioned to eating more meals at home. During busy cookbook-writing seasons, we’d ironically have fast food 2-3 times per week. […]

How to Save Time on Self Care

Save Time on Self Care clothes water meds

Self-care is an important part of the life as mom. I used to think that it took too much time, but there are quick and easy ways to take care of yourself. And we should! “I just don’t have time to take care of myself.” How many times have you heard other women — or […]

Google Express Can Save Your Saturday

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Online shopping with Google Express is a great way to reclaim your Saturdays. Spend the day doing something fun instead of running around doing errands. This post is sponsored by Google Express. I have received complimentary products and services and have been compensated for my time spent writing. This post also includes referral links. All opinions […]

Knowing the Homeschool Laws in Your State

Knowing the Homeschool Laws in Your State | Life as Mom

Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, but each state has its own homeschool laws. If you’re going to teach your children at home, you need to be aware of these homeschool laws. I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. Nothing in this post can be construed as formal legal […]

Cleaning My Kids’ Rooms Again

Cleaning My Kids' Rooms Again | Life as Mom

Cleaning my kids’ rooms isn’t my job, but my helping them makes the process smoother and happier for everyone. Here’s how we dejunked their rooms recently. Though sweat and dust aren’t my favorites in the summer, I undertook both this month, cleaning my kids’ rooms. You’ll remember that we gutted the kids rooms this last October and did a […]