Me and My Peeps

And in case you were wondering…. yes, they like the Chiefs even though they’re the worst team in the NFL yes, the boots are all-weather, all-season. All the FishKids have a pair of black ones, only FishBoy 4 has a fancy red pair. And, yes, they attract quite a lot of attention. yes, I have […]

A Means to An End

You’ve heard me wax eloquent about coupons and Dave Ramsey and all my great grocery bargains. I am not a frugal expert, though I’ve been trying for a long time. It’s taken awhile to establish frugal habits and not feel “deprived. We like nice things: Vacations in France. Good, no, great coffee. Sundried tomatoes and […]

OAMC: Day Three

Today was fairly mellow since I had a dr’s appt in the morning and swim lessons/playday in the afternoon. I tried not to sweat it, both in and out of the kitchen. But, I did accomplish a few things for my OAMC bash: * three lasagnas with meat, cheese, and spinach are in the freezer. […]

Summer Projects

We’ve talked about Summer Fun plans. I hope that your time with the fam is rolling along in a happy way. Another important aspect of summer, though, is getting some much needed projects taken care of. My biggest project of the summer, of course, is birthing my sixth child late this season. But, hand in […]

News Flash

Remember awhile ago I mentioned the Crockpot 365 blog where Stephanie cooks something everyday in her slowcooker? Well, she’s going to be on Rachel Ray today! How fun!

Links of Love: Hot Wheels

For your cruisin’ pleasure this week: I’m sure the men in your life will appreciate this new baby from Dodge. They do at my house. Reminds me of “The Dukes of Hazard.” What will they think of next? Looking for ways to save at the gas pump? Check out what Gas Buddy has to say […]

OAMC: Day Two

Another day, another dinner — or two or ten. Praise the Lord for small (and big) mercies! It was actually very mellow around here, despite my late start. No spilled milk today! I got cookin’ about 10 and wrapped up the morning at 11:45 for lunch and swim lessons. Crockpots simmered while we were gone. […]

Toolin’ Up Tuesday: Double Stroller

At the Fish House, tools are defined as anything that helps you do your job better. Early in our marriage, FishPapa asserted this fact. As a contractor’s wife, I needed to understand the benefit that quality tools would make toward our livelihood — in both dollars and sense. (No, this was not clever manuevering on […]