Try It, You’ll Like It! Amazon Prime

I love to order gifts from Amazon. It is so easy to click a few clicks and sit back, knowing that they’re going to do all the work. Sure beats shopping, scrounging up a mailing envelope, packaging said gift, loading up the kids, and then listening to cries of, “You mean we have to go […]

Menus and Moving

Place Setting --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

We have been holding this moving idea very loosely for the last few months since FishPapa applied for the job. The employer wasn’t moving very fast, and we figured it was a long shot anyway. Why did I want to pack all summer and not get the job? But, now we’re on the fast track. […]

Time for Mom: An Estro-fest and Chick Food

Chocolate Cake Slice with Raspberries --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

So, I mentioned the other day about an estro-fest. Basically, it’s my youngest sister‘s in-law’s name for a girl get-together. Must include lots of laughs, good food, and some sweets. As you may know, the FishFam currently lives about 1800 miles away from the grandparents, aunties, and uncles. And since we’re getting out of debt, […]

TGIF: Get on Board!

Checkers on a Checkerboard

Ever since we were dating, FishPapa and I have loved to play cards and board games. Back then, in the early 90s, it was often a duel at Trivial Pursuit. Usually, he had me whooped from his knowledge of history (he is older than me) and sports. Every once in awhile, though, I would have […]

Frugal Tip: It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask

Metal Faucet ca. 1998

Due to his profession as a contractor, FishPapa spends more time in Lowe’s and Home Depot than the average man. The plus side of this is that it isn’t a place that I have to worry about us getting “lost” in. We go in, we go out. It’s part of the job, rather than a […]

What Do YOU Think?

So, I’ve added a poll to the sidebar. I’d like to know your opinion: Do you enjoy the Toolin’ Up Tuesday posts? Are they helpful to you? Will you participate if I continue to do them? Is there a way that you would modify or improve them? Please give your input in the comments section. […]

How Do You Do It? What Helps Your Body Get Through the Day?

Coffee Cup and Spoon

One of the things that helps me get through the day are little energy boosters. Productivity enhancers, if you will. A series of good nights of sleep is a great start. When I have no dietary or budgetary restrictions, I might take advantage of a Vanilla Coke, over crushed ice with a straw; a good […]

Officially Nutsy

Cowboy Rounding up Wild Horses ca. 2002 Red Desert, Wyoming, USA

Yes, I think the verdict is in…. we are one pair of crazy FishPeople! five, almost six children homeschooling on the road to living debt-free (no car payments, no credit cards) and now, we are headed West, folks! No vacation for us. We are moving! FishPapa got final word on a job that he applied […]