Buttermilk Cornbread & Other Whole Grain Recipes (Ultimate Recipe Swap)

Ultimate Recipe Swap

Since it’s the first week of the year, I get to start our New Year’s resolutions off with a bang with this week’s URS. What other time of the year are a majority of people all geared up to eat better? And enjoying whole grains are a great way to do that.

I love cornbread. I make it with whole wheat pastry flour and whole grain cornmeal. Makes it a little bit more substantial and toothsome.

(Isn’t that a cool word?)

It goes so wonderfully with a myriad of meals: Chili, Lasagna, Spaghetti. For some reason, I really like to serve it with Asian Chicken Salad. Don’t ask me why.

A few years ago, I was making dinner to take to a friend and mixed up a batch of this cornbread. What was I thinking?!

Suzanne’s from Mississippi and her parents (also from Mississippi) were visiting. California girls aren’t supposed to make cornbread for true Southerners! And to top it off, I made it with buttermilk and brown sugar, two ingredients that neither of these mamas had ever heard joined with cornbread.

Well, it’s really good. And they agreed.

Or they were just being polite.

You’ll have to make it yourself and let me know what you think!

What’s your favorite recipe with whole grains?

Tell us about it in the comments or leave the link to your recipe below.

Coming up next week: Vegetables

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  1. sounds amazing!! having to cut dairy out of my diet and because of that things that have dairy in the recipe sound even better! can’t wait to make this!!!

  2. Angela Shrader says:

    You had me until….brown sugar? lol….but I’ll definitely try it! A southerner who hadn’t put buttermilk in thier cornbread?!?!?! That’s even harder to understand!

    • Jessica Fisher says:

      Well, I could be remembering wrong. I know very little about southern cooking. But, I sure thought those were the two ingredients that surprised her.

  3. I substituted quinoa for the couscous in the recipe I posted, although quinoa is a seed not a grain I think it still counts 😉

  4. I don’t have one to share yet… but i am looking forward to trying all this recipes out!

  5. Your Buttermilk Cornbread looks so good, I am going to give it a try. I brought my Pear Pie Pocket for everyone to try. Thank you for hosting us today and you have a great week!

  6. My cornbread recipe came from my mom (and, I believe, from HER mom) – nice mid-westerners from Oklahoma. It has a cup and a half of WHOLE CREAM in it. We now live in Tennessee and I use half-and-half and people still think it tastes like cake, but they usually gobble it all up. 🙂 And for the record, toothsome is a delightful word!

    • @Carrie, I knew that didn’t look right – I blame it on the fact that I’ve been medicated for the last three days trying to get over some sort of nasty cold/flu thing. The recipe uses WHIPPING CREAM (whole cream? Is that even anything? My sneezing, DayQuil-ed self doesn’t know anymore).

  7. That looks awesome:-)

  8. Love looking through these recipes! Thanks for the great ideas.

  9. i linked up another cornbread recipe that i made w/ whole wheat flour recently!

  10. I love whole grains. I just linked to my microwave popcorn recipe but just realized I only put in my first name and not the recipe name! Oops!

  11. I’m not much for cornbread, but that recipe looks awesome! I’m definitely going to have to try it.

  12. What a beautiful golden cornbread.

  13. I linked up our favorite whole-grain, date-filled cookie recipe! Yum!!

    Your cornbread looks wonderful. It might have to make it into this weekend’s breakfast menu… 😉

  14. Our family loves cornbread and this sounds delicious! Can’t wait to try it!

  15. Katherine says:

    I made the cornbread last night. So yummy! My family loved it and my hubby said it was restaurant quality! This will definitely become a regular recipe in our house. Thanks!

  16. I’m gonna have to try your cornbread. It sounds good. I like to grind my own wheat and use it in breads. Recipe linked.

  17. yum – I just made this – it’s so good! Thanks for an awesome recipe! I didn’t have whole wheat flour on hand, so I just used white all-purpose and splashed a little extra in.

  18. Thanks for this recipe! I used coconut oil and ground my own ww flour and whole corn. My family absolutely loved eating this with chili tonight~God bless you and have a Merry Christmas!

  19. I love cornbread too. I make one with corn meal, white whole wheat flour and white flour. I didn’t even realize there was such a thing as whole grain corn meal–I thought corn meal was always whole grain. I’ll check that out. I love to make partly whole wheat tortillas. Here’s the recipe:

  20. Just made this! Never made cornbread from scratch before. I’ve wanted to make some, but HAD to have a sweet cornbread. Oh, sooo good. If my guys are lucky there will still be some in the pan when they get home! Not just for dinner, this one. My teen will appreciate it with our white chicken chili tonight as corn chips are problematic for braces. 😉 Now to see if they leave any in the pan by the time “I” get back.

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