Thank you to all those who have served to preserve liberty and freedom. We remember. I hope we won’t forget.

Motivated Moms can Help You Clean Your House


Do you wish that every morning you could come down to a neat and tidy kitchen? That your purse would be organized and not the Dumping Ground of Dead Things? That you could find whatever you needed when you needed it? Does cleaning house drag you down? One tool that has really helped me is […]

The Weekly Ramble

girls paris

The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004. What a week! I’m typing this on Friday night (French Friday, to be exact) after enjoying an amazing meal. Like I said in this post, one of my take-aways from our European vacation was to tweak the way we eat. This afternoon I baked a couple of […]

Grab A Simpler Season for Five Bucks (EXPIRED)

A Simpler Season | Life as MOM

Now’s the time to think about how you really want to spend the next two months. Crazy and overwhelmed? Or peaceful with a distinct set of goals to help you enjoy the holiday season?  You know I love a good sale. It’s fun when I get to slash prices on my own products. In honor […]

The Weekly Ramble


The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004. Guess where we’ve been? Several of you suggested that we recreate our Eiffel Tower picture of long ago, so we did last week on our last day in Paris. We climbed to that second level observation deck with the kids and then shot out to the […]

The Weekly Ramble

swimming pool

The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004. It’s been a beautiful week here on the homestead. We sold the blue house, enjoyed the pool — all to ourselves — and ate down the freezer so we could unplug and defrost. I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment. I’m riding the heatwave and making the […]

The Weekly Ramble

fishchick in pink trim

The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004. About a year ago we splurged on a DSLR camera. Up until that point I’d been using a Canon Elph point and shoot. I’ve worked pretty hard to get decent food photos going, but now I want to 1. take more pics of my kids than […]

Where in the World is Good Cheap Eats?!

corn field gce

We’re gonna play a little game. I really hope you’ll join in! Also, before I forget, thank you for your purchase of Good Cheap Eats! Your support helps keep this show on the road. Did you get your copy of Good Cheap Eats? I hope it arrived safe and sound, or that it’s on your wish […]