The Week in Review

auntie jamie

This week was a busy one! Monday arrived and we got to watch over Jack, the neighbor’s dog. My kids were in love, eagerly looking forward to the time to go to Jack’s house and play with him. They are pet lovers, but we have no pets. So, they were thrilled to “puppysit.” On Tuesday […]

The Week in Review

week in review chocolate bar

For this week’s wrap-up, I thought I’d go old school. Mary posted a meme earlier this week that she found over here; it reminded me of the old days when blogging was so very personal and chatty. Remember those days? So here are the questions and my answers. Two recent meals: I made a seasoned chicken dish […]

Grab A Simpler Season for FREE (EXPIRED)

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Don’t forget to grab your FREE kindle copy of A Simpler Season. The kindle version is available for FREE on Amazon through tomorrow. On Saturday, the price goes back up to $6. If you like the ideas represented in the book, you can buy the printable worksheets, recipe cards, name tags, and other printable pages […]

Christmas in July: Book Sale and Stocking Giveaway (CLOSED)

christmas tree stocking

Planning now for Christmas can help you enjoy the season without extraordinary stress or overspending. This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winners: ariana8407@ and samnkids@ For the last five years we’ve spent time at Life as MOM talking about Christmas. In July. Yes, really. Planning now for what happens five months from now better prepares […]

The Week in Review

chess at the mall

Usually, summer times have been my chance to catch up on writing projects. And for many, many years it was super easy to do this with the kids all home. In fact, I think it was easier with toddlers because most of my kids had similar needs: playtime and meal time. Now that they range […]

The Week in Review

fishboy and lucie

Fun week here! Janel and her two girls came to stay for a few days. All eight of our family’s cousins were in one household. It was fun to see how they mingled. This is me and my youngest sister Janel. Yes, the only picture of us — bed head and all. I can post […]

The Week in Review

Mission San Luis Rey de Francia

Where did the week go? I dunno about you, but it went by really quickly around here. Some of the highlights? freezing my tootsies off waiting for fireworks touring one of the California Missions with my parents watching Despicable Me 2 at the theater. (Great film!) Meanwhile, here’s what’s been happening on Life as MOM: […]

June’s Good Cheap Eats

Need some good cheap eats? I gotcha covered. I have no idea how it happened. But, July is here. Say what? It’s been a whirlwind of a summer so far. We’ve made two road trips, done the beach a few times, and worked at doing more cooperative kitchen work. That means kids are cooking, papas […]