Grab this Bundle of the Week!, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

Bundle of the Week is a great source of ebooks. I’ve shared a few of the specials they’ve run this month. This week is super cool because it contains one of MY books. Yippee! If you were sitting on the fence about buying a copy of Organizing Life as MOM, today might be the day […]

Free Concert by Andrew Peterson in San Diego County

Catch a free concert with Andrew Peterson! We first heard about singer/songwriter/author Andrew Peterson about seven years ago. His Christmas album quickly became a well-loved favorite in the FishHouse, as did all his other albums as well as his books for kids of all ages. His is a household name in these here parts. FishBoy10 […]

A Day in My Life

Somedays, I feel like the old lady in the grocery store. You know the one. The one who tells you to enjoy these days because they will soon be gone. I know, I know. When you’re in the thick of child-rearing, baby-wearing, diaper-changing, nose-wiping, it’s hard to imagine looking back on these moments or days […]

Work-at-Home Ebook Bundle, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

About seven years ago I started working from home as a freelance writer. Previously, I’d done a small stint of tutoring to help make ends meet. This is the longest time that I’ve “worked for pay” since having children. It’s brought with it numerous challenges as well as benefits. It’s not easy, but it’s good. […]

The Tooth Fairy is a Big Spender at Our House

This post is sponsored by Tom’s of Maine: This was my big girl late last summer. She’s got a bug bite on her forehead and a tooth dangling by a thread. She was so excited to be a “big kid” and start losing teeth. Teeth, as it would turn out, are a big deal around […]

Life as MOM’s Greatest Hits

Yesterday I shared some of the plans I have for your reading pleasure this year. Today, I thought I’d share a few blasts from the past. Here are some of the most popular posts EVER on Life as MOM: Freezer Cooking Recipes That You Can Count On – Here’s a great collection of recipes that are […]

What’s Going On Around Here?

Here’s what’s in store at Life as MOM this year. The “life as MOM” is characterized huge laundry piles, messy-yet-creative sand castles, cooking food your kids probably won’t like, and beautiful moments all wrapped into one. Usually we find all these things in one single day. I did just Friday! Over the years I’ve tried […]

Best of 2012 at Life as MOM

I’ve spent some time recently going over all the family photos of 2012. How did my kids get so big so fast?! Time flies when you’re having fun. I thought I’d share some of the highlights here at Life as MOM with you. These are the most popular posts of 2012. Make-Ahead School Lunches and […]