Preschool Bundle of Books on Sale!, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

This week’s bundle includes a collection of ebooks packed full of activities for preschool and beyond, including a book written by my mother, Veronica Getskow, and co-edited by my sister and me! You’ll discover books to read together, educational activities around your home and strategies for making the most of every learning opportunity. This week only, […]

The Week in Review

toy garage

It’s been a fun, fun week. The kids and I took a break off from school. They ran around like monkeys with their friends in the neighborhood. I had a chance to chat on the phone with friends. I even cleaned out the toy garage! If you’ve busy and about, you might have missed some […]

Read a Good Book with Your Kids!

books on shelf

Lately the kids and I have been delving into The Mysterious Benedict Society series of books. So, so good! I’m sharing more about the beauty of a good family read aloud over at Simple Homeschool today. Head here for the details.

From Garbage to Gourmet – on Sale Now

From Garbage to Gourmet

Believe it or not, most of us waste up to 25% of the food we buy. Scary, huh? Can you imagine cutting your grocery bill by 25% just by making sure you use up what you have. The Pantry Challenge is one such effort to help you do that. This new ebook from my friend […]

Thoughts about Homeschooling

homeschool family

Wondering about homeschool? Check out these Life as MOM resources. We’re halfway through our eleventh year of formal homeschooling. We’ve chosen it for our family because we want to be as “hands on” as possible, because we love being together and learning together, and because it works for our family. If you’re considering homeschooling, check […]

Let Me Sign Your Book!

cookbook on shelf

It has been so fun to meet some of you In Real Life. Jenny came up to me at Chick-Fil-A one day. I met Becky at the Andrew Peterson concert. Amy is coming to a food conference with me in May. I love it when url becomes irl. In light of that, I wanted to […]

Don’t Forget to Grab the Homemaking Bundle of the Week, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

Don’t forget to grab this week’s Bundle of Homemaking ebooks, including one by Yours Truly, Organizing Life as MOM. At $7.40 this is a great deal. You get OLAM for less than list price plus four more books to help you get your house in order. This week’s collection includes five amazing resources to […]

Lessons Learned from a Pantry Challenge (Eat Well and Spend Less)

weekly meal plan

A pantry challenge is a concentrated effort to shop the kitchen before heading to the stores. I learn lessons afresh each time I do it. Cannellini Bowtie Pasta Salad Every January now for several years I give special attention to “eating down the pantry”. It’s a great way to scale back after the business and […]