Introducing the Life as MOM Monthly Newsletter

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Greetings from California! This is an old, old photo, taken shortly after we moved back to our home state. We’d been on a long journey to get here, so I look at it as a rather iconic snap, our little post card to the world. So much has changed in the years since my people […]

The Week in Review

lady bug

Here’s the week in review at Life as MOM: It was a long week. There were some good things, some bad things, and some things I still don’t comprehend. The highlight was probably doing fun things as a family that didn’t involve screens. We have a lot of screens. Screens are not bad. They help […]


This sale has now ended. You’re honestly going to hear a lot about this sale throughout the blogosphere this week. It’s such an amazing number of resources that cover such a lot of ground. Even if you were interested in a mere handful of the books, you’d be getting a good deal. Here are the […]

The Week in Review


It was “book week” at our house this week. While I put the finishing touches on my second cookbook (details coming in a few months), my kids read books. I bought a handful of books we’d never read before so that the choices would be fresh. Who doesn’t love the novelty of a brand-new, never-been-read-by-anyone-else […]

Balancing School and Home

5 ways to manage home and homeschool

Life, as you can imagine, is pretty crazy around here. Six kids, homeschool, recipe testing, hockey games, housework…. there is no way I can do it all. I’m over at Simple Homeschool today sharing the tricks I use to managing school and home. I’m still a work in progress, but there are a few things […]

The Week in Review

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Oh the week has been a full one, body, soul, and spirit. If you’ve kept up on current events, you know there’s much sadness in the world. Thankfully, there’s also an amazing GOD and plenty of good people to do good work and to help. It’s sometimes hard to process it all. Two of the […]

Come See Me at the LA Times Festival of Books!


Sorry for the late-notice post. The week just flew by! I’ll be signing books tomorrow at the LA Times Festival of Books at USC. If you’re in the LA area and have time to swing by, the event is supposed to be an amazingly fun time. I’ve never been, but my friend Sharon and I […]

The Week in Review

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The weeks are flying by. I have a really big project with a due date of May 1st. The days are flying faster than I want them to. Please find the pause button for me. This week was filled with good things, though, even if it rushed by in a blur. My big girl and […]