Summer School, yes, Really.

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We finished school on Thursday of last week. We’ve been playing ever since. We’ve had house guests, two days at the beach, two birthdays, and a lot of fun in the last six days. We’re going to play, play, play, but we’re also going to keep on trucking. We’re doing summer school this year. I’m […]

The Week in Review

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It was a mellow week as week’s go. No one threw up. That, in itself, is cause for celebrating. And we did, actually, on Monday. FishChick6 reported that she had “pooped logs”. If you’re a mother whose child has ever had diarrhea for a week, you know that this is indeed, worthy of celebrating. We […]

Support a Ride for the Wounded

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Nathan, Daniel, and the FishBoys – 2003 Years ago, and I do mean, YEARS ago, before the six kids, before the miscarriages, FishPapa, FishBaby, (now FishBoy15), and I moved to the smallish town of Paso Robles, CA. There I made two great friends: Christina and Julie, who walked with me through many hard times, pregnancies, […]

The Week In Review


I cannot tell you what a FULL week it has been. Well, I suppose I can. That’s the purpose of this post, isn’t it? You wouldn’t know it was full since my posting has been fairly scarce this past week. Last weekend Stephanie and Amy flew into San Diego. We feasted, watched FishBoy9’s hockey championship, […]

Summer Bundle O’ Fun, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

Grab five great books for summer fun for only $7.40. Are you itching for summer like I am? If you’re in need of inspiration for summer activities for the kids or for you, consider buying this week’s Bundle of the Week. Each weekly bundle is priced at $7.40. This week’s bundle includes my book,┬áThe Summer […]

The Week in Review

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This weekend I am at a blogging conference in the boonies (read: no wifi and wildlife in abundance). Travel for work is something I rarely do. I like home. I like suburbia. About once a year, I bust out of my comfort zone and go “talk shop” with folks. I typically return home with new […]

The Week in Review

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Sunday seems like it was a million years ago. It was a day of gluttony. I cracked open the last jar of aprium jar and spread it lavishly over baguette. I was liberal with the cream in my coffee. I indulged in a chocolate croissant. Just because. It was a nice foil to the server […]

Super Sale This Week Only

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Thanks for your patience! After I posted this on Sunday afternoon, I had some major technological glitches. I had to pull the post and the sale while I waited for the chaos to resolve. I think we’re ready to roll with the Super Sale. Thanks for your patience! This week only, all the main books […]