Weekend Sale!

Weekend Sale! This weekend I’m offering a sale on everything $8 or more in the LAM estore. This means you can get A Simpler Season, the Summer Survival Guide, Fifty Books to Enjoy with Kids, or any version of Organizing Life as MOM for a significant discount. Just use the coupon code REST3 to get $3 off your purchase of […]

My Baby is FOUR!

fishmama and fishchick4

It’s hard to believe that my last baby turns four today. Some of you might remember when she was born. I was very pregnant when Life as MOM (the blog) began. That’s us in 2008. Here we are today, well, last night. Forgive the fuzzy, too-dark phone pic: In honor of my last baby, I’ve […]

One Lump or Two? (A Coffee Meet-up)

coffee meetup 2 copy

So, I’ve been meaning to invite you for coffee for awhile now. And time just keeps racing away from me. Before summer has completely flown off the map, I thought I’d finally up and do it. My friend Nicole from Simple Homemade is going to join me and we hope that you will, too. We […]

Get 30% Off Visual Latin

I don’t post too many “deals” these days. But, if you are at all interested in teaching your child another language, particularly Latin, then I highly recommend this product. This is too good a deal to miss. Yes, I’m part of their affiliate program, but seriously, I would tell you about Visual Latin anyway. My […]

Plan for A Simpler Season: Get the Book!

After much hard work behind the scenes, my latest ebook is here. I’m so excited to share it with you and I hope that you’ll love it, too. A Simpler Season A Simpler Season is a compilation of years of thoughts and planning ideas to make Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s memorable events to spend […]

Good Reads for the Day

pelican and boy

  It seems that all kinds of good reads have been floating my way. I tried to link to them over on Facebook, but who knows what anyone sees over on Facebook these days. So, here they are for your reading pleasure: A Kiss in the Garden – This is a well-written reminder to spend […]

Christmas in July: Planning Now for a Simpler Season

christmas in july banner

Coming on Wednesday, July 25th. Hop on by for a round up of giveaways and a new ebook that I think you’re gonna love.

How do I find a recipe around here?

carlsbad lagoon

Thank you so much for offering your feedback in last week’s little survey! It was immensely helpful — in many ways. Folks offered all kinds of feedback about a myriad of topics besides just site design. Unfortunately, I didn’t leave a spot for you to leave your email address and so there’s no easy way […]