Time for a Coffee Break

Photo Source: JRonaldLee I thought we’d do a little bloggy news update this afternoon. I’m so excited about all the great things coming up on this site. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s chat. Coming Up on LifeasMOM Camp Wannalaffalotta is back again. If you followed along last year, you know […]

Double Your Donation with Groupon

Groupon is a coupon-based deal site. Each day a different deal is featured. If enough people sign up, you get the deal. Sign up and receive a daily email with coupon for savings at up to 90% off local deals. Recent deals in my area have included $69 spa treatments and $5 Boat Cruise Tickets. […]

Giveaway Winners – Lots of ‘Em

In my efforts for my children to see my face instead of have my face to the computer screen, I’ve been trying to limit my online time. Therefore, I haven’t been able to get to announcing giveaway winners until right now. Sorry! Thanks for your patience!

Giveaway Winners!

Congrats to the following people who won my most recent giveaways! Green, American Style crismom42@ Fresh Express Salads jkseiler@ spendless2savemore@ calmyra@ robert.cross22@ calliope050502@ devo62680@ cookingluck29@ teach014@ momoemail55-cl@ katerw13@ V-8 V-Fusion Beach Picnic Basket danyellehutton@ Homefree Cookies bt31764@ tabascolds@ aandswb@ The Spring Clean Along #2 – Houseworks godsbutterfly2284@ Also, if you were a winner last week […]

Single Best Town Announced – Three Lakes, Wisconsin

Photo source: Three Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce I’m a sucker for small, Midwestern towns. My mom grew up in the Mississippi river town of Winona, Minnesota, and I have found memories of strolling the old downtown. Makes me nostalgic for the old days — even though I was born in the 70′s. So it […]

Birthday Cake Round-Up – This Thursday

One of the joys and challenges of being a mom is celebrating the milestones of your child’s life: his first steps, first words, school days, and, of course, birthdays. One of the special things that we do in the FishFam is celebrate birthdays with a fun and festive birthday cake. It’s more fun to make […]

Birthday Cake Challenge: So, Can You Stump Me?

January 28th will be The Fourth Birthday Cake Round-Up. My readers get the chance to suggest a birthday cake theme that I will bake and decorate. Can you stump me? Don’t forget to submit your suggestion before voting begins on Monday.

News from the Front

Yesterday I did something I was loathe to attempt: clean out my “toy and school garage.” Long time readers, or at least those who’ve been reading since September, will remember that when we moved into this new house, we lost the school room and play room that we had in our last rental. So, we converted […]