Balancing Academics and Character

Raising children is a long mountain to climb. There are bumps and turns and sheer drop-offs along the way. As a homeschool mom, trying to give my children a solid academic foundation, I find that character development is the necessary partner to academics. Just as we can’t climb a hill without a few challenges in […]

Get Your Household Notebook Going!

Have you got a household notebook? It’s one of the systems I use to help me stay organized. Today I’m sharing over at Organizing Junkie how to make a household notebook that works for you.

Be Inspired to Get Back to School

The season is here. The school supplies sales have warned us that it was coming. If your family hasn’t started back to school yet, it is just a few weeks or even days away. The new year begins. Regardless of whether we homeschool, private school, or public school, “life as MOM” requires that we do […]

Recent Giveaways – Winners

Congratulations to winners of recent giveaways here at LifeasMOM. Winners were chosen at random and have also been notified by email. Please respond within 48 hours of the sent time of the email, otherwise I may have to choose another winner. Thank you for making Christmas in July such a fun experience. I loved hearing […]

Shameless Plea – Help the FishKids Win Free Chick Fil A for a Year!

*****We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you a breaking news story.***** As you may remember, our family loves ChickFilA, particularly the waffle fries and freshly squeezed lemonade. But, taking 8 people out to eat is an occasional treat in our family. ChickFilA, however, tends toward generosity. They often offer free meals and treats […]

It’s Coming! Christmas (in July)

Christmas is Coming! True, it comes every year on December 25th. But this year, it’s coming a little early. Well, sort of. From July 25 through 31st, 2010, we’ll be thinking about and planning for Christmas here at LifeasMOM. Why? Let me count the reasons. 1. Summertime is a little more laid back. Schedules are […]

Vote for the FishFam!

How many cows does it take to stage a photo shoot? Yes, me and my herd headed to the beach on Friday to capture our cowstumes on film. It was comical. Me, six children, and a camera on a tri-pod. And no one but the baby cried, I promise. We’re currently fourth in Chick-Fil-A’s cowstume […]

What’s Your Plan?

Home management success often depends on having a plan. The bed doesn’t make itself in the morning. And last time I checked, they don’t make self-cleaning windows. You have to do the work. But, Motivated Moms has made it easier by creating a planner that has chores assigned to every day of the year. Regularly, […]