Keep Store-Specific Stocking Up Lists (Frugal Friday)

Typically I love to go grocery shopping. Between the food and shopping for the deals, I always find something to entertain myself with. My first job was actually at a grocery store, too. But at the same time, grocery shopping can be a chore. Or feel a little postal. But, since I can’t get the […]

Take Food With You (Frugal Friday)

Last week I mentioned how one of the best ways we saved money on our vacation was to bring our own food. Mammoth Lakes has only one grocery store. And during the busy season, there’s reportedly a very long line at said grocery store. I did a lot of shopping before we left. And since […]

Budget-Friendly, Big Family Travel (Frugal Friday)

Years ago I had big dreams of jetsetting around the world. I had been a French major and lived a year in France. That year I traveled to Austria, Germany, and explored the south of France. The following year, hubs and I went to France on our honeymoon. A year later we traveled to Honduras. The […]

Favorite Fall Tips for Saving Money (Frugal Friday)

Fall finally arrived in San Diego. We’ve had two back-to-back rainy days, I smell wood smoke from the neighbor’s chimneys, and I no longer leave the windows open 24/7. The chill is in the air! While it may not be the true fall that folks in other locales experience, it is a cozy moment of […]

Inexpensive Ways to Prepare for an Emergency (Frugal Friday)

We’ve been talking about being better prepared for emergencies this month. While none of us wants to be put in an urgent life or death situation, it’s in our best interests and that of our children, to put a little thought into the what ifs of being prepared for fire, flood, or other natural disaster. […]

Become an EntreLeader (Frugal Friday)

A little over four years ago my husband and I woke up and smelled the debt. We were over $16,000 in consumer debt, not counting the two houses we owned. Thankfully, God made us brave enough to do something about it — and gave us some tools and much graciousness to repay our debts and […]

Check It Before Checking Out (Frugal Friday)

The other day when I was strolling through Walmart I saw that they had clearanced a huge amount of toys, probably in anticipation of their Christmas stuff that should be rolling in soon. Since I had no kids with me, I paused. And I placed in my cart several items that I thought the kids […]

Can You Afford to Homeschool? (Frugal Friday)

Homeschooling has been, hands down, one of the most fulfilling experiences of my “life as mom.” It’s also been one of the hardest. But, I’m so glad that we chose this path. Teaching my kids at home has not been without its costs, though. Right up front, you know that a homeschool mom has given […]