Keeping Up with the Joneses (Frugal Friday)

When I was a kid, it seemed like my friends always had what was bigger and better than anything my sisters or I had. Ours was a big family, and my parents were frugal. We didn’t get a ton of extras. Or so it seemed. When my friends got stereo systems for Christmas, I got […]

FREE Back to School Resources (Frugal Friday)

As school time approaches at our house, I’ve been sorting through our school stuff and discarding what we won’t need anymore. I’m also in the process of gathering supplies for the year. Whatever did we do before the internet? It’s been so much easier to do a quick search than to scrounge my way through […]

Dejunk Your House to Save Money (Frugal Friday)

One of the best ways to save money is to realize how stupid you’ve been about money and then to make some changes in your habits. Last weekend I shared with you how we are “staging for living” and rearranging, cleaning, and dejunking to make life be more of what we want and less of […]

Is Plastic Good for Teens? (Frugal Friday)

Last week, thanks to Motts, I attended the 2011 BlogHer Conference. Since it was just a short drive from home, I was able to attend during the day and come home to my family at night — a wonderful way to experience a conference! One of the things that caught my attention in the Exhibit […]

How to Eat at Home to Save Money (Frugal Friday)

Everybody knows that eating at home can save you money. In fact, there are added benefits, such as increased food safety and a chance at healthier ingredients. But, eating at home can be hard to pull off in our busy days. Ask me how I know. Monday we all went to the pool, later than […]

Restaurant Dining on a Budget (Frugal Friday)

I love to eat out. I confess it freely. I always have. I always will. When I was a kid, eating out was an event. We loved going to ChiChi’s Pizza Parlor or Lui’s Chinese Kitchen on a Friday night with my parents. And Mom and Dad had some budget strategies that worked well for […]

Saving Money with Internet Shopping (Frugal Friday)

I have never been a fashionista. My sister Jamie got those genes. But, I know that when I am dressed in clothes that fit and sport relatively few stains, I feel a little more confident. I feel a little more on top of things instead of feeling — and looking — like a chump. So, […]

“Poor” is a State of Mind (Frugal Friday)

This is a FLASHBACK Friday. Can you hear The Beach Boys playing in the background? This post was originally posted on March 13, 2009, back when we had just climbed out of the hole. The lessons still hold true. Whether you are choosing a frugal lifestyle to achieve a certain goal, or you find yourself […]