How to Eat at Home to Save Money (Frugal Friday)

Everybody knows that eating at home can save you money. In fact, there are added benefits, such as increased food safety and a chance at healthier ingredients. But, eating at home can be hard to pull off in our busy days. Ask me how I know. Monday we all went to the pool, later than […]

Restaurant Dining on a Budget (Frugal Friday)

INO fries

I love to eat out. I confess it freely. I always have. I always will. When I was a kid, eating out was an event. We loved going to ChiChi’s Pizza Parlor or Lui’s Chinese Kitchen on a Friday night with my parents. And Mom and Dad had some budget strategies that worked well for […]

Saving Money with Internet Shopping (Frugal Friday)

I have never been a fashionista. My sister Jamie got those genes. But, I know that when I am dressed in clothes that fit and sport relatively few stains, I feel a little more confident. I feel a little more on top of things instead of feeling — and looking — like a chump. So, […]

“Poor” is a State of Mind (Frugal Friday)

rich plenty

This is a FLASHBACK Friday. Can you hear The Beach Boys playing in the background? This post was originally posted on March 13, 2009, back when we had just climbed out of the hole. The lessons still hold true. Whether you are choosing a frugal lifestyle to achieve a certain goal, or you find yourself […]

Dress Like a Cow (Frugal Friday)

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Friday, July 8th is Dress Like a Cow Day at Chick-Fil-A. It’s a nationwide promotion and one that is lots of fun! Simply dress like a cow, from head to hoof, and receive a free meal. If you decide to just do a tshirt, then […]

Eat From Your Pantry to Save Money (Frugal Friday)

pantry challenge sm

One of the ways that I’m most able to control our expenses is how much I spend on food. At one point in our “serious debt-fighting days,” I cut our food expenses down to $400 a month for a family of 7. It was difficult and I’m not sure that I could pull it off […]

What to Do with a Lot of Money (Frugal Friday)

The following is a guest post from The Happy Housewife: While many of us only dream of ending up with an extra thousand dollars or more, for some it is a reality. It could be a tax return, inheritance, gift, or a bonus. No matter the source, this money can be a blessing or a […]

Frugal Father’s Day Traditions (Frugal Friday)

father's day coupon book pic

The following is a guest post from Jen of Balancing Beauty and Bedlam: With Father’s Day right around the corner, many of us are scrambling to find that perfectgift to show Dad just how extra special he is in our lives. Yet often, Dad’s desire is just to spend relaxing and meaningful time with the […]