Frugal Friday: Saving for the Big Kahuna

One of the biggest changes in our spending habits over the past four years has been to save money for the thing that we want to buy. This shouldn’t seem revolutionary, but it is. Patience is a virtue — and hard to come by —  in this fast-paced, stuff-oriented, modern society. And saving up for […]

Frugal Friday: Save Money During Summer

Are you ready for the big weekend? My guess is that the next couple days will be pretty full of barbecues, swim parties, and a few fireworks. Personally, I’m hoping for some yummy cupcakes. I’m on this cupcake kick these days and am starting to try my hand at making them deliciously decadent — and […]

Frugal Friday: How to Live Without Credit Cards

Once upon a time I thought it was impossible to live without credit cards. Even if I had the funds “to pay it off every month,” it was the convenience I couldn’t live without. Or so I thought. Our month went like this: spend, spend, spend. Get the bill. Pay it with our monthly income, […]

Frugal Friday: Head for the Hills — or the Nearest Grandparents’ House

We’re heading to horse country this weekend, also known as The Grandparents’ House. When FishChick heard where we were going, she said, “Oh, good, I get to feed Gwampa’s horses.” Yes, indeed. The girl spends all day every day out in the stable with King and Kino — and Gwampa, of course. He loves it. […]

Frugal Friday: Fun Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is a little over a week away. Have you planned a special surprise yet? I’ve got three special men to shop for: FishPapa, my dad, and my father-in-law. And while I’d love to buy the new guitar, the new computer, or the new horse, those items aren’t in my budget. Let’s face it. […]

Frugal Friday: Sell Something

Over the years when our budget has been tight, we’ve tried to be creative at spending less and earning more. One way to make more is to sell stuff. Oh my! How much “stupid tax” have I paid in selling expensive stuff that I shouldn’t have bought in the first place? Usually, I rarely get […]

Frugal Friday: Budget Gifts for the College Grad

Last week I shared with you gift suggestions for the high school graduate. This week I thought I’d address college graduates. While both have accomplished great things, their situations are a tad different. The high school graduate is headed off for the military, a job, or further education. He or she is still pretty young […]

Frugal Friday: High School Graduation Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank

Graduation season is upon us. And before you go out shopping, consider a few frugal but fun tokens of congratulations: