Saving on Easter Supplies (Frugal Friday)

Easter eggs

Looking to celebrate Easter on a budget? Consider some of these ways to save. Easter is just days away. Chances are you may be planning for some kind of special gathering with friends and family. It might be tempting to run out and buy whatever you need, in a frenzy of activity, instead of taking […]

Preparing for a Furlough or Other Decrease in Income (Frugal Friday)

preparing for a furlough

Anticipating furlough days or a loss of income? Consider these ways to prepare for and weather the storm. All of us either know someone or are someone who has faced a furlough or other decrease in income. These are tough, economic times. No one, except maybe the politicians, is immune. Our nation has been through […]

Books to Help You Save Money (Frugal Friday)

cash envelopes

Dave Ramsey Birthday Cake I am a book lover. Whenever I’ve had a problem in this life, I’ve turned to books. Whether it be a distraction or a solution, I can usually find help in a book. This week I wanted to share a handful of personal finance books that I’ve enjoyed reading and/or have […]

Personal Finance Resources (Frugal Friday)


I’ve been surfing the web a little this past month, specifically looking at personal finance information. It might have started with talking to those young whipper snappers at Starbucks. It might have been that the Tax Man approacheth. It might have been that I’m seeing progress in our France account. It might have been that […]

The Tax Man Cometh (Frugal Friday)

williamsburg thomas jefferson

Share your ideas for easier tax return preparation and filing. photo source: Heidi As you know, the only things sure in life as death and taxes. Whether you get a return each year after filing or have to pay something, we all pay taxes: at the store, at the gas pump, at the DMV. Somewhere. […]

Money, Giving, and Happiness (Frugal Friday)

Can money buy happiness? Check out this video for some interesting thoughts on the topic. I stumbled across this video during a web-surfing session earlier this week. I found it to be intriguing. Hopefully, you’ll have a chance to watch it. It’s short and insightful. If not, the crux of the clip is that money […]

Determine Your Own Financial Path (Frugal Friday)

The end result is financial responsibility. How we get there can differ from those around us. Imagine that you are going on a trip across the continent of North America. You start in San Diego and you zigzag your way across the South. You curve up the Eastern seaboard, you cut back across through the […]

What Makes You a Financial Success? (Frugal Friday)

I had a chance to eavesdrop and start thinking about what makes you a financial success? Last night was a writing night. I headed to Starbucks in the late afternoon to spend focused time writing without interruptions. Hallelujah for a quiet space away from home! Near the end of my time, I was transcribing some […]