Raising Kids to Be Mindful of Money (Frugal Friday)

mindful of money

The following post is sponsored by T Rowe Price: I learned at a pretty early age that if I wanted something, I’d have to work for the money to get it. In some ways, that seemed unfair. Other kids certainly didn’t have to scrimp and save like I did. Or at least that’s how it […]

5 Quick Ways to Save Money (Frugal Friday)

Saving money in little ways can help you reach your financial goals. Sometimes people mistakenly believe that saving money takes too much effort. It can be hard work. It can be challenging to maintain money-saving stamina. But, it can also go a long way to helping you stretch your budget, pay down debt, save for […]

Money-Saving Stamina (Frugal Friday)

money in wallet

Six years ago, when we were deep in consumer debt, we decided that we were going to get serious about getting rid of that debt. We made that our main goal (after marriage and family). We would do whatever it took to get our financial house in order. Dave Ramsey calls this “Gazelle Intense”. We […]

Save Money with Swagbucks (Frugal Friday)


Earn prizes and save money with Swagbucks. About five years ago, I heard about this search engine called Swagbucks. I signed up with a fair amount of skepticism. But, it turned out to be the real deal. You earn points be referring friends (that’s you!), searching the web, watching videos, filling out surveys, and a […]

Target Prices for Groceries (Frugal Friday)

groceries van

Wondering what a good price is for groceries? Here are some target sale prices to look for. Earlier this week I shared an update on how we “eat well and spend less” at our house. My target is $800/month for our family of eight for groceries that we eat at home. (We have a separate […]

How to Keep Better Books (Frugal Friday)

account info banking bookkeeping

I’m resolved to keep better books this year. True story. Over the last month or two I’ve spent a fair amount of time playing “catch up” with our finances. I did what I told you not to do, I went months without reconciling the checkbook. Oh yes. The irony in writing a post entitled, Do […]

Allowance? Commission? (Frugal Friday)

Allowance commission

Kids can greatly benefit from practice at fiscal responsibility as well as learning to help out around the house. Should the two be separate or joined? Let’s talk about allowances today. There are some epic questions that one encounters as a parent: Cloth diaper or disposable? Breast milk or formula? Organic or conventional? Allowance, commission, […]

Eat Well and Spend Less for Springtime! (Frugal Friday)

strawberries and yogurt

Eat well and spend less by thinking seasonal as you shop. What’s on sale? What’s in season? The Eat Well, Spend Less crowd has you covered. Though Mother Nature hasn’t quite got the clue in all parts of the world, it is officially springtime. That means warmer weather, longer days, and spring produce! The options […]