DIY Do It Yourself Projects Can Save You Money (Frugal Friday)

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DIY, do it yourself projects, can be a great way to save money and add value to your life. I was a DIY kind of girl back in the 80s and 90s. It might have started with a touch of Wannabemarthaism, but eventually it became just plain good sense. If I made something myself, I […]

Know Your Priorities (Frugal Friday)

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The following content is sponsored by Vanguard: Life, as we know it, is a limited resource. So, is money. It matters how we spend our lives. It matters how we spend our money. Over the last five months or so we’ve been talking about both. About dreaming big dreams. About using our resources wisely. About […]

How We Save on Haircuts (Frugal Friday)


This probably isn’t earth-shattering, money-saving advice, but I do believe it saves us at least $420/year, so here we go. I am the barber around here. Yep. Really. I suppose I could say I’m a stylist, but that would be stretching things. A lot. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I ever set […]

7 Reasons to Be Frugal (Frugal Friday)

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Being frugal isn’t easy, but it is important. Here are seven reasons why you should practice frugality. As we discussed not too long ago, it can be hard to maintain money-saving stamina. You know that there are greater goals at hand. You know that spending money wisely will pay off in the long run. You […]

Entertaining on a Budget (Frugal Friday)

Entertaining on a budget

I love to have people over. It’s a great excuse to get the house really clean. It’s fun for me to cook for other people and test new recipes on them. And when I can do it on a budget, well, that’s pretty sweet. Earlier this week I shared about how to spend less on […]

Raising Kids to Be Mindful of Money (Frugal Friday)

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The following post is sponsored by T Rowe Price: I learned at a pretty early age that if I wanted something, I’d have to work for the money to get it. In some ways, that seemed unfair. Other kids certainly didn’t have to scrimp and save like I did. Or at least that’s how it […]

5 Quick Ways to Save Money (Frugal Friday)

Saving money in little ways can help you reach your financial goals. Sometimes people mistakenly believe that saving money takes too much effort. It can be hard work. It can be challenging to maintain money-saving stamina. But, it can also go a long way to helping you stretch your budget, pay down debt, save for […]

Money-Saving Stamina (Frugal Friday)

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Six years ago, when we were deep in consumer debt, we decided that we were going to get serious about getting rid of that debt. We made that our main goal (after marriage and family). We would do whatever it took to get our financial house in order. Dave Ramsey calls this “Gazelle Intense”. We […]