What Makes You a Financial Success? (Frugal Friday)

I had a chance to eavesdrop and start thinking about what makes you a financial success? Last night was a writing night. I headed to Starbucks in the late afternoon to spend focused time writing without interruptions. Hallelujah for a quiet space away from home! Near the end of my time, I was transcribing some […]

Regular Money Meetings (Frugal Friday)

Consider having regular money meetings with your spouse. They will help your finances, but they can also help your marriage. Nineteen years ago this month, Fish and I got engaged. The church where we met and married had the requirement that we do four pre-marital counseling sessions, one with each of four different couples. They […]

Getting Your Financial House in Order (Frugal Friday)

Last week we shared financial goals for the new year. It was so great to read what everyone is hoping and dreaming and working toward this year. Yeah! At the base of these financial goals, whether they be to pay off the last credit card or to head out on a Disney vacation, is to […]

Frugal Friday: What Will You Save for in 2013?

This week’s Frugal Friday post is going to be short and sweet. I imagine you’ve been inundated with information all week. It has felt like a week of Mondays! I’m ready for pizza and a movie tonight. But, first, let’s chat finances. You know you need to be responsible with your money. You know that […]

Unappreciated Gifts? (Frugal Friday)

How do we as parents handle unappreciated gifts? I think that my parents and my sisters will recall the Christmas of Disappointment. It’s also referred to as the-Christmas-when-my-sister-wanted-a-Cabbage-Patch-doll-but-my-brother-who-couldn’t-care-less-got-one-instead-and-my-sister-bawled-her-eyes-out. Yes, that. My guess is that if you’ve lived in the US for any number of years, you’ve probably encountered, parented, or even been the child who […]

More Clutter-Free Stocking Stuffers

Consider stocking stuffers that are used up or gobbled down instead of making a mess. This giveaway from Funky Monkey is now closed. Congrats to the winners: Sullivan-3@, Lee.Privette@,  magpie512@. A few years ago I finally wisened up and stopped putting twaddle in the Christmas stockings. One July as I was scraping up bits of […]

Eat Well, Spend Less at the Holidays (Frugal Friday)

Holiday feasts can get pretty pricey if you’re not careful. But the winter holidays are the exact time when you want to feast! How do we find balance? Let me count the ways…. This month the Eat Well Spend Less girls are dishing out money-saving ideas for special holiday foods. Their tips and tricks will […]

5 Frugal Gifts to Make (Frugal Friday)

Tis the season. The countdown begins this weekend as we mark the days and weeks until Christmas. Got your gift ideas ready? I don’t believe that presents are the end-all, be-all of Christmas. In fact, my family had as nice celebrations in the lean years as we have in years when we’ve had more spending […]