‘Nother MOM Deal

Just got back from Target where I saw that they have another great cereal deal going this week: Buy 4 Cheerios for $11, get a gift card for $5. As is, this would make your cost $1.50/box which is pretty good. But combine it with coupons and it would be stellar. For instance, if you […]

MOM Deals This Week

This is a wierd week for me. We’re packing everything up and headin’ out of Dodge on Friday. So, potentially I could be nabbing my drugstore deals in the Midwest one day and on the West Coast another. Working it from all the angles, yes I am. Going to stock up on snacks for the […]

Grocery Geek’s Week

I’m trying to stay out of the stores this week since we need to use up what we have in the house. But, Sunday afternoon I did tackle the two drugstores (CVS and Walgreens) — with ALL SIX CHILDREN in tow. Yes, I am woman. Hear me roar. Nothing too exciting on the drugstore fronts: […]

Possible MOM Deals This Week

It’s been awhile since I spent some time checking out the drugstore sneakpeeks at Hot Coupon World. But, after spending 2 hours clipping the coupons that I’ve neglected for the last month, I realize it’s better to stay on top of things. Tonight I played catch-up on organizing my coupon stash and checking out the […]

Grocery Geek Says: Pay Attention!


I’ve had to put the brakes on stockpiling for awhile. Since we’re moving, space is at a premium, and I don’t want to ship things that aren’t really worth their weight in gold. I am taking most of my currently stockpiled items (toiletries, etc.) but figure that unless it’s going to be consumed before or […]

Grocery Geek is Back!

Woman Pushing Shopping Cart ca. 2002

It felt wierd to realize that I had not been in a grocery store for about 3 weeks. FishBaby will be two weeks old tomorrow and for that last prenatal week, well, I stayed in bed! That explains why we only spent $200 on groceries in August. (Thanks Mom, Dad, and Auntie Jamie!) So yesterday […]

Stockpiling and My Chocolate Stash


So, call me crazy. But, I get really excited when I score a stockpile of items for cheap or free. Last week it was crackers and cereal. The weeks before my deals included lots of diapers. In the last few months since I started this grocery geek thing, I’ve been able to nab great deals […]

MOM Deals This Week

It’s a mixed bag this week in the Clash of the Drugstores. Walgreens was so good to me the last two weeks, they’re keeping a neck and neck race with CVS. For me this week proves to be a paper products (and chocolate!) week at both. CVS: in four trips I’ll do the diaper wipes/candy/Children’s […]