Eat From Your Pantry to Save Money (Frugal Friday)

pantry challenge sm

One of the ways that I’m most able to control our expenses is how much I spend on food. At one point in our “serious debt-fighting days,” I cut our food expenses down to $400 a month for a family of 7. It was difficult and I’m not sure that I could pull it off […]

Taking Freezer Meals on The Road (Eat Well, Spend Less)

The activity, hot weather, and entertainment factor of summertime can wreak havoc on one’s grocery budget. How can summer fun affect your food costs? In summertime we venture out and about more often; we have more random schedules than the rest of the year; we tend to avoid hot kitchens and want someone else to […]

The Grocery Geek is Back (with a Little Help from Her Mom)

kroger ice cream

So, while my dad gifted me and my family with an all-day eat-athon on my birthday, my mom dug me out of a hole! Not only did she do umpteenth loads of laundry and match every sock, but she also sat at the kitchen table with me clipping coupons! I had months’ worth of inserts […]

Deal Shopping During Busy Times (or Whatever Happened to the Grocery Geek?)


Some of you mentioned in my recent survey that you miss my shopping and deals posts. You’re not alone. I miss them, too. In fact, I simply miss the deal shopping. But, my schedule has gotten packed really tight this last month preparing for the end of the school year, the birthday season at our […]

What Does Your Refrigerator Say About You?


Ready to play Remington Steele? I don’t watch much contemporary television; I have no idea if CSI is relevant to this discussion. But, I do have wonderful memories of faithfully watching Stephanie Zimbalist and Pierce Brosnan solve mysteries together every week at 9 pm on Wednesdays. It was Channel 4 KNBC. Circa 1982. Anyway, today […]

Stocking Up on Produce (Grocery Geek)


This week, I made another three grocery stops. I’m trying to cut that down to one, honestly. But, I am not as organized as I want to be — or maybe it’s that I can’t foresee all the needs and wants of the week. Or maybe it’s the sales that beckon me to come get […]

To Costco, to Grocery, to Walmart (Grocery Geek)


So far this month, I’ve not done a ton of grocery shopping. For which I’m kind of thankful. It can be exhausting sometimes. I can think of four stops in the last two weeks. Is that a lot? I’m not sure. Maybe it is. But for me, it’s downsizing since some weeks I make four […]

You Don’t Need Extreme Couponing to Save Money on Food Costs

If you haven’t seen the show, you’ve heard about it. Extreme couponing = People dumpster diving for coupons so that they can go clear the grocery shelves and get loads of free stuff that they hoard in their closets, basements, and garages. Certainly there are critics as well as proponents of such practices. And, yes, […]