Grocery Geek Reporting: This Week’s Deals at CVS and Walgreens

Personally, I don’t think the sales are that exciting this week, but I could change my mind as I check out the coupons in today’s paper and as other needs arise. But they don’t have Indiana Jones cereal, so I’m not dashing out. I cashed in my RRs from last week at Walgreens in exchange […]

Grocery Geek Reporting In

In January our food budget for 7 people rose to $800/month. I thought this was reasonable since I matched it to USDA food cost data. However, at the end of February I discovered this hard-core couponing/money saving/stockpiling/CVS/Walgreens lifestyle. After a few months of learning the ropes at my old budget, I decided to attempt the […]

I Want My Two Dollars

Back in the 80s there was this John Cusack movie whose name I have long forgotten. It was kinda wierd. But, it had one of those classic lines that you would find yourself repeating, particularly around kids who’d seen the movie. John Cusack played a teenage boy in a strange family. The paper boy always […]

Frugal Friday: Meat in Budget Meals (Recipe: Peanut Butter Chicken)

chicken on the grill

My boys love the different names for eaters: carnivore, omnivore, herbivore, dessertivore, etc. Most of them would choose to be carnivores, if they could. (OK, dessertivore is in close competition.) When we have grilled meat such as tri-tip, those nearby need to stand back. The FishBoys go after it like a pack of hungry wolves. […]

Grocery Geek: Learning from My Mistakes at CVS

Oh woe is me! I left my little stash of ECBs at home today. On our way home from a very fun outing, we stopped by to get my hubby a little sore throat relief. I had my coupons, but not my ECBs, so I had to do without. When five kids are waiting in […]