California on a Budget


Two years FishPapa and I decided to go for the gusto and make the big move back to our homestate of California. We had lived in the Midwest for five years and while there were many wonderful things about life in Middle America, our hearts longed for the West and to be closer to family. […]

Grocery Geek Presents: Requesting and Redeeming Rain Checks

Raincheck 2

I love me a good sale. I love to open the grocery sale flyers to see what bargains are available each week. I love to snag a good deal to stretch our dollars just a little farther.

I don’t love getting to the store and finding the shelf empty.

Frugal Friday: Budget Anniversary Celebrations

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When a special occasions rolls around, it brings with it the temptation to “do it up big.” Usually that signifies “do it up expensive.” A few too many “special” occasions and you can find yourself in the poor house. Or at least with a few too many bills and too little money.

Grocery Geek Presents: My Shopping Is Evolving

Fresh Produce

Tomorrow is the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive sponsored, in part, by the National Association of Letter Carriers. They couldn’t make it easier for you to donate canned goods. Simply place a bag of non-perishable food by your mail box and your letter carrier will deliver it for you.

Frugal Friday: Sick of Debt? Better Late than Never (A Guest Post)

Yesterday, I was listening to a favorite money radio program and all the old emotions of our debt-filled life came back to me. It was a rather surreal moment. Today, three years and $18,000 of debt payments later, I am amazed at how good God has been to us. We were always “frugal,” yet somehow we found ourselves living beyond our means. We can kick ourselves for having got there in the first place. But as you’ll see in today’s guest post, better late than never.

Grocery Geek Presents: Shopping for Freezer Cooking and Fresh Produce


This past week’s shopping has revolved around freezer cooking. My pantry and freezer were starting to look a little bare. So, once I made my detailed plan for once-a-month cooking, I started scanning the sales to see what changes I needed to make. Turns out I had few changes to make. The grocery stores cooperated […]

Frugal Friday: Mother’s Day Gift Guide, Part One

Mother’s Day is about two weeks away. (Husbands, wake up!)

Whether you are celebrating your own mother or another special mother in your life (wife, sister, friend, mother-in-law), it is in the best interests of your wallet — and your reputation — to plan ahead. When we plan our gift-giving in advance we are less likely to overspend or spend Sunday morning in a Hallmark store.

Mother’s Day Gift: A Tea Party

Mother's Day Tea

Looking for a fun, yet economical Mother’s Day (or Any Day) gift? This tea party basket is sure to please. And it’s so easy! Such a great do-it-yourself kind of gift. Line a box or basket with a cloth napkin and fill with a pair of matching mugs, a box of tea, and some delicious cookies, like […]