9 Things I’ve Learned about Money

9 Things I've Learned about Money

When I was a child, I used to think that having many possessions was a sign of wealth or affluence. In some ways, I guess it is. It’s costly to maintain, though.

I just spent a couple hours thinning my daughters’ wardrobes — for the second time in two months. While it’s lovely that FishChick5 has six pairs of pink pants, she really doesn’t need them all. Most of them are hand-me-downs and gifts, but still. SIX pairs? What are we — the Pink Ladies?!

We kept three and are donating the other three — along with a few other items. We thinned the herd, as my husband calls it. I suppose in many respects, it’s a good problem to have — as long as I don’t hoard those clothes instead of sharing them with someone else who could put them to good use.

5 Ways to Eat Healthier on a Budget

Looking to improve your family's diet, but not sure how to pull it off on a budget? Consider these 5 ways to eat better and save some coin.

Looking to improve your family’s diet, but not sure how to pull it off on a budget? Consider these 5 ways to eat better and save some coin. One of the dilemmas about food — and there are many these days — is that the healthier food is also the more expensive food. The ingredients […]

Little Ways to Save Money

little ways to save

Little ways can save you big money eventually. I was chatting with a friend yesterday (also a mom of four boys) about grocery prices and what it takes to feed four TEENAGE BOYS. I’m almost there, and I’m feeling it. (I don’t know that boys always eat more than girls, but I think they are much […]

How Changing Our Diet is Saving Us Money

Raisin Bread Sliced

Changing your diet can save you money, even if some ingredients are more expensive. Here’s how. Honey-Sweetened Raisin Bread Our family is almost halfway through our Sugar Fast. It’s an experiment to see if we can rid our diet of added sugars. We’re still eating plenty of fruit and supplementing with honey and maple syrup, […]

Free iPhone Apps to Help Your Every Day

free Iphone Apps

I’ve had my iPhone for about two years now. It was a big leap for me to get one. Previously, I’d owned only free, not-so-smart phones that I upgraded only when the provider was offering me a new FREE phone. It took a lot of convincing to get me to pay even one cent for […]

45+ Frugal Meals to Help You Eat Well, Spend Less


FRIDAY FLASHBACK! For over two years I joined forces with eight fabulous bloggers to share different ways to eat well and spend less. What a great collaborative effort it was! We’re from different backgrounds, different food cultures, and different parts of the continent. But, we are united in feeding our families as well as we […]

5 Cheap Date Night Ideas

cheap date

FishPapa and I are approaching our 20th wedding anniversary. We met 22 years ago. Needless to say, we’ve been through richer and poorer, sickness and health. We’ve also had many years of living on the cheap. Some of that was because there was no other choice. The rest of it has been that we know […]

5 Simple Ways to Save Money on Food

Lasagna and Cornbread with Salad

Groceries are one of the biggest spending categories where you can save. You can’t control prices, but how you shop and feed your family can save you money. Once upon a time, 1994 to be exact, I spent more to feed me and my husband than I did to feed four kids ten years later. […]