MOM Deals: Dollars and Sense

There is so much to do when you are a mom, managing your family and household. One thing that can cause stress and freak MOM out is money, or lack thereof. I know that over the years, it’s been one of the greatest things to prompt me toward anxiety. It seems like it’s a constant […]

Grocery Geek Presents: A Date Night Shopping Trip


Do we know how to live it up or what? Tonight for date night we drove by a possible rental, ate at In-N-Out Burger and went shopping at a new store that had fantastic prices. It’s been a wild week for a number of reasons, so it was nice to spend time with my honey […]

Frugal Friday: Get Out of Debt with a Budget

The last couple weeks I’ve shared bits and pieces of what FishPapa and I did to get out of debt. If you missed the first few parts, you can start at the beginning. After saying adios to credit cards and regularly listening to the Dave Ramsey show, we came to grips with how much we […]

MOM Deals You Can Cheer About


While I wish weekends were for rest and relaxation, in reality they are my chance to catch up and try, try, try to get ahead on the upcoming week. Usually that involves meal planning, errand running, and grocery shopping. Since I get my CVS ad on Friday afternoon, I’m able to strategize for those sales […]

Grocery Geek Presents: Finances, Illness, and A Few Good Deal


Looking At FinancesI mentioned earlier that it’s good to take a financial snapshot to know where you are in relationship to your goals. This past week I balanced checking accounts and ran reports on Quicken. To be honest, I was a little nervous, but as it turns out we did okay. We spent less than […]

Frugal Friday: Take a Financial Snapshot and Dream a Debt-Free Dream


A few weeks ago I started recounting our Get Out of Debt Story. Over the last two years FishPapa and I paid off about $18,000 in debt. Today our only liability is a rental property we own in Kansas City. We have no other debts. And it feels good. I don’t share our story to […]

Clothe Your Kids Without Losing Your Shirt!


Those kids — they grow every year! I tell them to stop, but they won’t. It seems every time I turn around one of my boys is sporting “high waters” because he’s outgrown his pants. And the girls? Well, it’s just the same. (That’s not really a crop top she’s wearing; her shirt’s just too […]

MOM Deals This Week


The best deal I scored this week was having my friend Jessika and her kids come visit us. We practically didn’t see our children all weekend long because they were off entertaining themselves, leaving us to chat about all things under the sun. On Friday we took a field trip to the Mission San Diego […]