7 Steps to Better Finances

lam steps to better finances

Some food for thought…. I know that you will feel better about your life and your spending if you’ve got your finances under control. This post is part of a 7-part series to help you get your finances in order. Check out past posts here: Stop using credit. Set a budget. Build an emergency fund. […]

FREE Christmas in July Download

FREE Christmas in July Download

Longtime readers know how much I love Christmas in July. I’ve posted holiday content every summer since the beginning of time. Or since the beginning of this blog anyway. Planning ahead for the holidays can save you buckets of money. Today, if you’re a newsletter subscriber, you should have received an early Christmas present from […]

Do the Math to Save Money

peets coffee

Pay attention to unit pricing in order to save money. You have to do the math to make cents. Today’s Frugal Friday tip is short and sweet. With a mini rant just for fun. If you’re not good at math, today is the day that you change your ways. Knowing basic math operations (addition, subtraction, […]

You Can Get Out of Debt


Photo credit: Daniel Oines by license As a college freshman, I was able to get a credit card in about five minutes. How ironic that ten years earlier, my mom, a college instructor with a Master’s Degree, couldn’t get one because she didn’t have a full-time job. What a switch that a bank was willing to […]

My Goals, Revisited Mid-Year

Jim weiss when something is perfect

2014 is having a half-birthday. Has it shown you all you want from it so far? 2014 is officially half over. We’ve spent half the year. There are six months left. Are you where you want to be? Think back to January. Remember when we had such good intentions to get our lives ship-shape, to […]

Save Money on Gas with Shell Fuel Rewards Network

Shell Fuel Rewards

The following content is sponsored by Shell. This summer I’m trying to make a bigger effort to get our family out and about visiting museums and other field trippy places. And we’ve started putting family road trips back on the calendar. This means a little more time in the car and a little bit bigger gas […]

Make Your Beach or Pool Days a Breeze

great day at the beach

Enjoy your summer and time with your family by heading to the beach or pool. Here are some tips for making it easier. A great day at the beach doesn’t just happen. Oh, when you’re ten you think it does. But, no, there was a parent or other adult working behind the scenes to plan […]

Our Summer School: Getting Out and About

girls at museum

Make weekly outings a summer learning experience. Last year I had great big dreams for a summer school that was lively and unique. We were going to read great literature, get ahead with math, learn filmmaking and cooking and basically expand our horizons beyond our wildest dreams. Bwahaha. Can you hear me knock over end […]