Feeding Your Baby Solids (& A Giveaway from Happy Baby Food)

baby eating

There is no shortage of ways and methods to feed your baby. Solids at three months? Solids at six months? One food at a time? Breast or bottle? Having now seen six children from birth to toddlerhood, I’ve tested out several methods. What I’ve learned is that what works for one kid doesn’t necessarily work […]

Staying Hydrated (& A Giveaway from Filtrete)

water glass

Photo Source One of the good habits to develop when you’re a busy mom, pregnant, nursing or otherwise, is to stay hydrated. That can be difficult when you’re being pulled in many directions with multiple demands on your time. The baby’s fussy and you find yourself a captive audience in the rocking chair. Pregnancy nausea […]

Mentors, Chocolate, & A Giveaway

road paul dex

Photo Source: Paul (dex) Mrs. Marcy, Ms. Berge, Madame Stephenson, Michelle, Kathy, and Karen — these women don’t really know each other, but they all have something in common. Each was a mentor to me over the years. They helped me along this road, called life. Each played a significant role: my second grade teacher […]

Basic H2 and Shaklee Cleaning Supplies – A Giveaway

BasicH2 image

Earlier today I shared how I’m on a new cleaning kick. After months of just cleaning when the mood struck, which believe me, that kind of mood is fleeting, I’ve decided to reestablish a cleaning schedule. Our family is in a season where I can let the kids play, including the toddler, and I can […]

Febreze Set and Refresh – A Giveaway


I’ve never been one to buy air fresheners. I don’t know why really. My mom never did. So I don’t. But, I’m willing to try something new, especially when it smells pretty, as FishChick says. And when you have four boys in the house, well, “pretty” smells are hard to come by. (Just saying.) Recently […]

Wilton Football Kit – A Giveaway

Wilton football bread

We love creative cakes and breads over here. And we love Football. Well, at least the men in the family do. I’m just here for the food. So, when I saw this festive football sandwich using a Wilton pan, I knew I wanted to try it out. I mixed up a batch of bread dough […]

Filtrete Water Station – A Giveaway


Even though the hot summer days are fading, our need to drink water hasn’t. In fact, as kids play in team sports or ramble outdoors in cooler weather, it’s even more important that they keep hydrated, even though they may not think they’re thirsty. While I know that filling my own water bottles from our […]

Hometown Buffet – A Giveaway

hometown buffet plate

One of my children’s favorite memories is a night we spent at a hotel in St Louis several years ago. It wasn’t the newly built accomodations, the Gateway Arch, or the tour of Grant’s Farm that they loved. It was the buffet at the hotel. There’s something about a buffet that draws kids in and […]