Celebrating Summer with Giveaways: 100 Places to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up


TIME’s UP! THANKS FOR PLAYING. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER TODAY. This week I’m celebrating the official arrival of summer with a week’s worth of giveaways. You know that time is just slip sliding away. Let’s make the most of these minutes we have with our children. Today I have three copies of Frommer’s 100 […]

Celebrating Summer with Giveaways: The Summer Book


TIME’s UP! THANKS FOR PLAYING. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER TODAY. You know how much I love to eat and cook. Over the years I’ve made it my mission to collect beautiful and delicious cookbooks. Those written and illustrated by Susan Branch are some of my favorites. They are full of restful, whimsical illustrations, yummy […]

Give Me Your Vote!


I’m one of the contestants in the Blogger Recipe Challenge: Game Sausage Edition, sponsored by Marx Foods. You can see what I whipped up here. And you can vote for my your favorite recipe here.

Did You Win Ella Bella Hair Clippies?

Go here to find out and to see the consolation prize if you didn’t win.

Win Ella Bella Hair Clippies!


THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Ella Bella Hair Clippies is a company started by a mom with a problem – her daughter’s unruly hair. When she couldn’t find the right kind of clip to tame her mane, she solved that challenge by making her own. The result? Couture hair clips for girls of all ages. […]

Giveaway Winner

Congrats to Chrissy for winning this giveaway. I’ve emailed you, so you should know if you’re “the Chrissy.” New giveaway coming up this week! Stay tuned!

What Effect Could YOU Have? Contest and Giveaway

A few weeks ago, I was blessed by the number of guest bloggers who taught us about a whole host of eco-friendly practices that they are doing in their homes. If you missed what these moms had to share, check out the Going Green series. Were you inspired to try something new at your house […]

Winners of Last Week’s Giveaways

Check the giveaway posts to see if you won. Please email me at with your mailing address as soon as possible. Thanks! — a Peace Love MOM tshirt and notepad — WomenHeart’s All Heart Family Cookbook — Chicken Soup for the Soul books devoted to mothers — Complete Idiot Guide books for new moms: […]