Teaching My Boys to Cook (Eat Well, Spend Less)


Teaching my boys to cook is a great way for us to eat well and spend less, while they live under my roof as well as after they fly the nest. Ever since my firstborn could stand up on a kitchen chair, we’ve encouraged our kids to help in the kitchen. (That’s he and I […]

An Eat Well, Spend Less Holiday Round-Up


Eat Well, Spend Less is a monthly collaboration series where nine bloggers from around the continent share their ideas for eating well on a budget. This is our holiday round-up to bring you many a tasty treat. Working with the Eat Well, Spend Less girls has been so much fun for me. We live in […]

Easy Appetizers for the Holidays (Eat Well, Spend Less)

Mom's relish tray

Don’t forget the appetizers at your upcoming feasts and get-togethers. These easy appetizers are just the ticket for tempting tummies on a budget. We are a snacky kind of family. If I don’t have a “real” meal plan in store, we often resort to chips and salsa, vegetables and hummus, cheese and bread, and the […]

Eat Well & Spend Less for Thanksgiving (Frugal Friday)


photo source: Simple Bites A few months ago I joined forces with a great group of bloggers who could relate with my struggles to eat well and spend less. We commiserated over the rising price of groceries and decided to do something about it: develop and share strategies for keeping quality high while maintaining lower […]

Tips for a Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner (Eat Well, Spend Less)

Thanksgiving Grocery List

As I mentioned yesterday, Thanksgiving Dinner is an all-time favorite at our house. My kids start dancing and breaking out in song when they see anything remotely resembling mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and oh yeah, the turkey. We have a smaller version of that meal throughout the winter and there are rarely leftovers. But, […]

10 Frugal Fall Snacks for Hungry Kids (Recipe: Spiced Pear Cake)

Cheddar Coins 2

It would seem that kids are always hungry: breakfast, 2nd breakfast, elevensies, luncheon…. Oh wait! Is that hobbits or kids? Same thing, really. While three (or more) good meals are a great base, a healthy afternoon snack can be just the ticket to help kids — and adults — make it through the 3:00 slump. […]

Making the Most of Your Pantry, Fridge, & Freezer (Eat Well, Spend Less)


All of us have been there at one time or another, staring into the pantry or refrigerator and thinking, “There’s nothing to eat in this house.” While this truly may be the case for some families, for many of us, this is a gross exaggeration. “Nothing to eat” often translates to: nothing I want to […]

Back to School Recipes & Meal Ideas (URS/Eat Well, Spend Less)


We are gearing up for school to start soon. We actually don’t begin lessons until after Labor Day, but I’ve been planning the year’s coursework, purchasing curriculum, and preparing myself for a busy, busy schedule. Yesterday when I mapped out the daily routine for our home school, I realized that I need to be uber-prepared. […]