FishChick3, Baby Fog, & New Birthday Traditions

FishChick Bday 4

FishChick, 3 years ago I came out of the Baby Fog earlier this year. You know, that haze that you drift around in while your baby is nursing, waking you up at night, wearing diapers, and otherwise doing what babies do best. The fog slowly clears as Baby gets a little more independent and sleeps […]

Making Connections with

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When I was a senior in high school, I took a basics economics class, required for graduation. It was pretty easy (Thanks, Mrs. Clark); the teacher (Hi Mrs. Clark!) was very nice; and I honestly don’t remember anything from the class. (Sorry, Mrs. Clark.) What I do remember is turning the page of my econ […]

Father’s Day Gifts that Show Love & Respect

Over the coming weeks I’m delving into a series on honoring the men we know as fathers. It could be your husband, your dad, your brother, or some other man who acts as a father in the lives of the people you love. And I’m not covering the topic alone. Mandi, JessieLeigh, Amy, and Tara […]

Make a Family Playlist


About a year ago, my husband created a family playlist for our family. Musician that he is, it was an eclectic mix of songs he used to play in rock bands 20 years ago as well as later stuff that we’ve come to like. Who would have thought that Elvis Costello, U2, Sarah Groves, and […]

Planning a Great Staycation


— A post from LifeasMOM Contributor, Amy — Have you booked your plans for Spring Break yet? Wanna go see something fun and different with the kids and get a little relaxing in? Want to enjoy all your favorite foods—just the way you like them, or maybe try something a little more exotic? Sure, I […]

8 Things to Do with Your Kids for St Patrick’s Day

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Soda Bread Saint Patrick’s Day is less than a week away. My kids love having something to celebrate. And even though we’re not Irish, we have a great affection for Patrick, as a fellow saint, who loved God and wanted to share His goodness with the people of the Emerald Isle. Here’s a fun list […]

Do You Name Your Cars?


That monstrosity — the car, not the girl — is what I drove during my senior year of high school. The girl, of course, is me, circa 1990. We called it, “The Boat,” for obvious reasons. While I no longer am suffered to drive that particular set of wheels, my vehicles still have names. When […]

Easy Valentine Chocolate Bar Treat

Who doesn’t love chocolate? With some scrapbook paper, a mess of candy bars, and some labels, you can create some pretty sweet Valentines. Check out this tutorial for custom-wrapped candy bars. And while we’re on the subject… What’s your favorite candy bar? Mine is the Heath Bar.