Planning a Great Staycation

– A post from LifeasMOM Contributor, Amy – Have you booked your plans for Spring Break yet? Wanna go see something fun and different with the kids and get a little relaxing in? Want to enjoy all your favorite foods—just the way you like them, or maybe try something a little more exotic? Sure, I […]

8 Things to Do with Your Kids for St Patrick’s Day

Soda Bread Saint Patrick’s Day is less than a week away. My kids love having something to celebrate. And even though we’re not Irish, we have a great affection for Patrick, as a fellow saint, who loved God and wanted to share His goodness with the people of the Emerald Isle. Here’s a fun list […]

Do You Name Your Cars?

That monstrosity — the car, not the girl — is what I drove during my senior year of high school. The girl, of course, is me, circa 1990. We called it, “The Boat,” for obvious reasons. While I no longer am suffered to drive that particular set of wheels, my vehicles still have names. When […]

Easy Valentine Chocolate Bar Treat

Who doesn’t love chocolate? With some scrapbook paper, a mess of candy bars, and some labels, you can create some pretty sweet Valentines. Check out this tutorial for custom-wrapped candy bars. And while we’re on the subject… What’s your favorite candy bar? Mine is the Heath Bar.

Free Printable Valentine Coupons

Looking for a fun, but inexpensive gift to give to your hubby and kids this Valentine’s Day? How about a packet of coupons customized for fun little treats throughout the month of February? Like the printable Christmas tags I put together in December, these coupons have an autofill feature. The blue highlighted spots indicate a […]

Bake a Pie for National Pie Day

I rarely need an excuse to enjoy pie, but in case you do, I thought I would let you know about National Pie Day which just happens to be tomorrow. So, you know what that means? Today is a great day to bake one! In fact, make two. Eat one and then share the other […]

6 Easy Ways to Record Sweet Family Memories

This week is all about getting good habits going. A good habit to cultivate in your home is to record precious memories you experience as a family. As mothers we are often the keepers of the memories. Yes, I know there are some husbands who are amazing photographers and family histographers. But, in many families, […]

To Scrapbook or Not?

Years ago, I was a scrapbooking queen. I spent every spare dollar on supplies. I drove miles to visit scrapbooking shops and to attend scrapbooking conferences. This was all pre-internet, too! As our family grew, I determined that I would make sure that every milestone of my children’s lives would be carefully documented within the […]