Our European Vacation: The Loire Valley

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Last fall we spent a month abroad where we visited London, Paris, and a handful of cities in Western France. We explored, rested, and learned a ton about ourselves and the world. This is the fifth installment of our European adventure. If you missed it, go to the beginning here. You didn’t think I was done with the vacation […]

Remembering Paris

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I had planned to share another leg of our European vacation in today’s post. But, in light of the horrific terrorist attack in Paris yesterday, I think I’ll save that for another day. And yet, I don’t feel like I can say nothing, either. I didn’t know what Charlie Hebdo was before yesterday. I’m guessing […]

Helping Kids Set Goals and Reach Them

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If we teach our kids to set goals and help them accomplish them now, we give them a huge head start on life.

Start an Exercise Regimen {Day 11 to a Renewed You}

Start an Exercise Regiment {Day 11 to a Renewed You} - Exercise will do a body good. And your soul and mind, too.

Exercise will do a body good. And your soul and mind, too.

Merry Christmas from Me to You


Have a very Merry Christmas! May Joy be yours this week and in the weeks to come.

5 Last-Minute Christmas Printables

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Did time get away from you? Fire up the printer and get going with these last minute printables!

The New Holmes Smart Air Purifier with WeMo

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Dust mites can wreak havoc on your family’s allergies. Consider an air purifier to help mitigate the dust and other allergens.

Fighting for Christmas


I think that’s when I realized that sometimes we have to fight for Christmas, for our kids.