Breastfeeding Expectations

baby and mom at park

Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months is generally recommended. Today I share my story with breastfeeding as well as what a new mom might expect. I breastfed all six kids. Exclusively. For the first six months. I don’t say that to brag. I know many, many women who for a variety of reasons are […]

Good Books to Read About Growing Things

msb plants

The growing season is about to take off, so let’s explore books with our kids about gardening and growing things. Recently, I was reminded at how much my children love books — and love being read to! I ordered a copy of one of my favorite books ever (not sure why we didn’t already own […]

Sorting and Storing Kids’ Clothes (Zone Defense)

clothes in drawer

This year we’re on Zone Defense, moving room by room, tackling clutter and disorder. This month we’re closing in on the laundry room, linen closet, and clothing storage. Two weeks ago I gave you your linen closet/laundry room assignment. Last week I shared my results in tackling those two related zones. At least they’re related […]

Flower Crafts for May Day

Pink Felt Flower

Early American settlers observed May Day by giving baskets of flowers to friends and neighbors. Try one of these flower crafts with your kids to share with friends on May 1st. When I was a child, May Day was a time when the neighbors and our family would treat each other to May Baskets on […]

What to Take for Team Snack Day

What to Take for Team Snack | Life as MOM

Little league season is rife with weekly practices and games as well as the age-old tradition of bringing snack. Consider these tips for a happier and healthier team snack. Over the years the FishFam has dabbled in a few sports. We’ve done t-ball, soccer, and now a few of the boys are trying their hand […]

Ask for that Discount (Frugal Friday)

luggage clearance tag

Ask for a discount and you might be surprised at a lower price. Despite my inner desires to be a globe-trotter, we don’t really travel that much. We take a few big road trips each year, but flying isn’t something we do very often. In fact, I’ve been on six plane trips in the fifteen […]

Enjoy Spring Even When Your Hours are Limited

family picnic

The days are lengthening and the sun shines a little longer, however, school and weekly activities can preclude our enjoyment of the nicer weather. Contributing writer JessieLeigh offers some great tips on how to enjoy both. Spring is upon us and that means warmer weather and longer daylight.  That’s wonderful news and reason for joy, […]

Find a Good Read

reading a good book

Find a good read and boost the richness in your life — and in your kids’ lives, too. Reading a good book can bring such a boost to your everyday — and to that of our kids. I am having a great time watching my littlest ones explore books together. They are both on the […]