Happy Birthday, FishBoy!


Today one of my boys turns 8! You can read some of his story here. He is our second child, one that we waited a long time to welcome. And what a blessing he is! J is tender-hearted and compassionate. He is our peacemaker and the one who avoids conflict at all costs. He is […]

I Love My Life


My Sweet Pumpkins


Saturday morning the FishFam loaded up — eight in a minivan– to drive the 2 1/2 hour trek to my parents’. It was the first time my four siblings and I have all been together for five years. While we were reunited we celebrated my brother’s birthday and visited the local pumpkin patch, the same […]

Chillin’ with My HomeGirl


Can you believe my baby is already six weeks old? It seems like yesterday I was in the hospital, stressing about her eye and all the things that could possibly be wrong with it. And here we are. Her eye is perfectly healed. And we are now in another home, another state, and she isn’t […]

Finding the New Normal


Well, like I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been desiring a move out west for quite some time. We relocated to Kansas City almost five years ago, after having lived our entire lives in Southern California. While our time in KC was fraught with challenges and, in some part, failed expectations, we have been able to see […]

Adios Kansas City!


Just a quick note before we head out. Things are at sixes and sevens around here. Not sure what that means, but my 19th century novel reading implies that it means things are a little topsy turvy. I’ll be in and out on LifeasMOM, all depending on who has free wi-fi where. Thanks for praying […]

Life as Me Right NOW


Well, it’s crazy week around here. The trailer from AB Freight arrived yesterday morning. FishPapa toiled most of the last two days trying to pack things in as compactly as possible. When we moved from CA to KS, we ran out of room in the truck and therefore, had to leave important things (like kitchen […]

Thankfulness and Plans


See those beautiful eyes? I thank God that He so swiftly healed my little girl. She is just so precious. I really enjoy her. Wish I could just sit and hold her all day long. Thanks to everyone who prayed for her and for me. Also thankful for: Cooler weather and less humidity – a […]