Either Speed Up or Slam on the Brakes

That’s a little thing that we say around here when we’re approaching a chasm of life. You know, those situations that are scary, that involve risk, that are a little out of your comfort zone. You come to a point that you either need to speed up and jump the chasm or slam on the […]

Baby Update and Photos

fishbaby dacrocystocele

Sorry it took so long to get the photos out. I was waiting to hear back from People magazine and how much our first photos deal was gonna be…. Here she is, freshly washed and swaddled! FishBaby’s eye looks kinda gross here because she was born with a cyst in her right eye duct. The […]

Officially Nutsy

Cowboy Rounding up Wild Horses ca. 2002 Red Desert, Wyoming, USA

Yes, I think the verdict is in…. we are one pair of crazy FishPeople! five, almost six children homeschooling on the road to living debt-free (no car payments, no credit cards) and now, we are headed West, folks! No vacation for us. We are moving! FishPapa got final word on a job that he applied […]

Somebody Looks Like ME!


In ways other than the fancy legwear, too! FishChick Me and My Grampa Pellowski

Baby News


Here’s our Little FishBaby. I got to catch another glimpse of her yesterday at my dr’s appt. Since I have babies who are “large for gestational age” (LGA), my doc stays up on size issues. This was my fourth and final sonogram before delivery. All’s good in the womb. Things I’m thankful for: My most […]

Me and My Peeps


And in case you were wondering…. yes, they like the Chiefs even though they’re the worst team in the NFL yes, the boots are all-weather, all-season. All the FishKids have a pair of black ones, only FishBoy 4 has a fancy red pair. And, yes, they attract quite a lot of attention. yes, I have […]