Are You Shopping Your Kitchen?

A pantry challenge is a great way to use up what we already have, think through how I want to shop in the future, and of course, save money. Today’s the first check-in for the Pantry Challenge over on my food blog, Good Cheap Eats. We’re spending the month “shopping our kitchens” before we go […]

Freezer Cooking from the Pantry

Pantry Freezer Cooking

I used to think that I had to do a big grocery trip in order to do batch cooking. I learned differently recently. On Friday I shared my recent cooking plan. To prep a variety of foods to store in the freezer was the goal, but I was going to do it without grocery shopping. […]

Grocery Geek: Ending the Pantry Challenge?


At the end of last month I knew that I had a ton of food in my pantry and freezer. So, I set upon a Pantry Challenge, trying to make the most of what we already had instead of “shopping as normal” at the grocer’s. I didn’t make any hard and fast rules or make […]

Budget Pantry Staples (Frugal Friday)

pasta stockup

I’m coming off the heels of a month-long pantry challenge. I learned a lot. And I’m glad it’s over. It was a great exercise in making do with what we had as well as a wonderful reminder to be thankful. My cup overflows, for sure. Build a Frugal Pantry Spending a month scrounging in my […]

Meal Planning: Wrapping Up the Pantry Challenge

As you know, I decided to tackle a Pantry Challenge. My goals included to spend the first four weeks of this month, using up what we had in the cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer, as well as reducing my grocery spending. There were some good things about this challenge and some not so good things. But, […]

Meal Planning: The Final Week of the Pantry Challenge

I’m entering the final week of my pantry challenge. I’m making it an even 4 weeks and ending on Friday. Carry on until Monday if that’s your druthers. It’s been harder than I expected in some ways. We’ve run out of milk and produce more often than I thought we would. Side dishes have been […]

Meal Planning: The Benefits of a Pantry Challenge

pantry challenge copy

I’m entering week two of the pantry challenge. And you know something? I haven’t told my family. And I don’t think they’ve noticed anything different. We also haven’t run out of milk. That could be part of it. Only time will tell for sure. But, even though I made some grocery purchases this past week, […]

How to Build Your Pantry on a Budget (Grocery Geek Presents)

Ralphs Grocery Trip

This month, I’m working to organize my pantry, refrigerator and freezer. Part of doing that is to use up what we have and do a major stock rotation. I’ve set some goals for the month and am trying to be diligent in how I cook and how I shop. Each day, I’m recording on my […]