Frugal Friday: Build a Frugal Pantry

One of my go-to ways to save money is to cook from scratch. I’ve done it for most of my life, actually. Mine was a cooking and baking family. Scratch cooking tastes better and is often the least expensive way to feed your family. Not to mention the healthiest. During our most serious get-out-of-debt season, […]

Dateline: Good Cheap Eats

I am loving posting on Good Cheap Eats these days. Now that Joy from FiveJsDesign has transferred the old site to WordPress, things work so nicely and look so pretty. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I suggest you pop over there and just say, “Ahhh.” If that’s not reason enough, then check out […]

What’s New at GoodCheapEats

There’s all sorts of Good Cheap Eating to be had on my food blog. Here’s some of the highlights of the last two weeks. Homemade Buttercream Frosting Summer Vegetable Salad – What’s On Your Plate? Grill Recipes to Write Home About Fish Taco Salad Plain Yogurt is a Good Cheap Eat Sears Chef Challenge and […]

What’s On My Plate? My Favorite Dinner

Rice Chicken Salad

Over at Good Cheap Eats, we’re sharing “what’s on our plates.” It’s an opportunity to look at what real people on real budgets are eating. The real deal meal, ya know? Pop over and check it out! But first, let me tell you about my favorite dinner. OK, maybe not THE favorite. But, certainly A […]

What’s On Your Plate?

Today over at GoodCheapEats, we’re sharing what’s on our plates. It’s a peek into each other’s dining rooms and kitchens. What are you eating? Was it good? Did you try something new, and it was da bomb? Or was it a total bomb? Did you score some great deals at the grocery store or farmer’s […]

New on Good Cheap Eats

So, I’ve got this little food blog called Good Cheap Eats. It’s where the foodie in me gets to go crazy and talk about delicious ways to act your wage. Cause we’re all about food at our house. Here’s what’s going on over there this past week: Grilled Fish and Shrimp Tacos I am not […]

Cranberry Blueberry Oatmeal Cookies

Looking for a delicious, yet healthy cookie, full of antioxidants? Check out Cranberry Blueberry Oatmeal Cookies at my food site, Good Cheap Eats.

Ultimate Recipe Swap: Oven Roasted Asparagus and Other Veggie Recipes


I hope you’ve had a chance to browse the Build a Frugal Pantry series over at Good Cheap Eats. For the last two months, we’ve been talking about frugal foods and how to build a tasty pantry. Depending on how you shop, you can fill your pantry with almost everything your heart could desire and still stay under budget. This week we’re talking about veggies.