Three Things You Should Know About Freezer Cooking

You know I love freezer cooking. It’s a great way for me to get a little ahead in this game we call “life as MOM.” Not only does it save me time and money, it also gives me a much needed break from the kitchen. Here are some things you need to know if you’ve […]

To Be More Joyful: Get Out of the Kitchen

Olathe house 4

Years ago I experienced an incredibly busy day at the end of which I had a major epiphany. I found a way that helped me be more joyful than I had previously been. My to-do list had been bigger than huge, trying to get four kids packed and off to friends’ houses so that I […]

Red, White & Blue Scones (Ultimate Recipe Swap: 4th of July)

RWB Scones 2

I’m not sure if it’s the school teacher genes in my DNA or what, but I get kinda giddy about color coding. Primary colors make me smile. I’ve even owned a snowman-embroidered cardigan in my time. And planning food to match a holiday? I’m all over that. How can you celebrate the Fourth of July […]

Freezer Cooking Wrap Up

So, how did you do? Was this your first time freezer cooking? Did you survive? Perhaps this is old hat to you and you whipped through your list lickety split. Did you try any new recipes or streamline some of your cooking techniques? Or maybe you were reading these freezer cooking posts wondering what kind […]

Freezer Cooking with Bone-In Chicken Breast (Recipe: Chicken Bacon Sub)

Chicken Bacon Sub

One of my favorite ingredients for freezer cooking is chicken. And since our family prefers white meat, I often buy bone-in chicken breasts. While boneless, skinless chicken breasts are certainly more convenient, chicken on the bone has a richer taste, and the cost is much lower than the boneless version. Since I got twenty pounds […]

Meal Planning from the Freezer

Over the last week, I’ve been diligently planning and cooking and shopping and cooking to fill my freezer. I think I’m just about cooked out. But, the beauty of freezer meals is that the hard part is done now. Freezer Meals in Real Life Sunday: Cinnamon Rolls, Fresh Fruit – Amy has totally revolutionized my […]

More Ground Beef Freezer Meals


With my second round of June’s freezer meals, I used about ten pounds of ground beef to make: Seasoned Taco Meat – This makes for an easy dinner, just add toppings and tortillas or taco shells. I store the meat in plastic containers. Chili – As a freezer meal, this is quick to reheat later […]

Freezer Cooking with Ground Beef and Turkey (Recipe: Lawnmower Taco)

Lawnmower Taco plated crop

Lawnmower Taco is a favorite recipe in our family. It’s a simple yet delicious taco casserole that my family gobbles down. That wasn’t always the case. One young man in his picky phase refused to eat it