Freezer Cooking: Storage Length and Methods of Packaging


How you package your freezer meals will determine how well they keep. Food stored in the freezer shouldn’t go “bad” as the enzyme action is slowed down while frozen. Provided that you started with fresh food in the first place and that the food stays frozen the entire time of storage, you shouldn’t have to worry about spoilage. In fact, the USDA says that “frozen foods remain safe indefinitely.”

Freezer Cooking Tip: Be Your Own Prep Chef

The goal of freezer cooking is to save yourself time, money, and energy. Time is saved because on busy nights dinner can be ready and waiting for you because you’ve made it ahead of time. You won’t be tempted to run through fast food when there’s a homecooked meal at home. Money is saved when […]

Chicken in Marinades

Chicken in Bags

One of the easiest things that I pull together for freezer cooking is chicken bagged in marinades. Not only is it quick to prepare for freezing, but it’s also a quick meal on the other side of thawing. Just hand the bag of thawed, marinating chicken to my husband to cook on the grill while I make a few sides dishes. And even some side dishes, like mashed potatoes and garlic bread, can be made ahead of time and frozen.

Last night I prepped six meals for the freezer this way. You’ll be amazed at how easy this is!

Freezer Cooking Planning: A Detailed Approach

Having a plan is half the work of any project. Good planning can ensure that you have what you need when you need it, thus preventing delays and frustration.

And having a good freezer cooking plan is essential.

Chocolate Butterhorns – Perfect for Freezing, Perfect for Anytime

Chocolate Butterhorns 2

So, my friend Crystal has this Butterhorn Recipe that is a great make-ahead recipe. The rolls freeze, thaw, rise, and bake deliciously. I made them during last month’s freezer cooking, and our family has enjoyed them immensely. If you make them just as Crystal directs, you will be quite pleased.

However, since I am a little bit lazy scared of my Kitchenaid Mixer AND a little bit of a sweet tooth, I decided to tweak the recipe a little bit. I adapted the dough recipe to fit a standard bread machine AND I added chocolate to the finished product.

May Freezer Cooking Plan

Freezer Planning

For the last week or so, I’ve been quizzing my family about the recent meals they’ve enjoyed, and we’ve been brainstorming new recipes to try.

Is it absolutely necessary that we love what we eat?

Yes. No.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Dinner in the Freezer!


Years ago my neighbor Wendy showed up at the door with a lasagna and a loaf of garlic bread. For. no. reason. at. all. I was floored. And amazed. And so totally blessed.

What mom wouldn’t like dinner already made for her? Talk about your Mother’s Day gifts!

Save the Date for Freezer Cooking!

Wanting to make sure that your family has healthy, home cooked meals?

Looking for some ways to avoid that stressed-out, “let’s get takeout tonight” feeling?

Wondering if you should give Freezer Cooking a chance?