How Freezer Cooking Can Work with Real Foods

- A guest post from Katie Kimball – If I wasn’t so madly in love with my husband, I might marry my freezer. I am deeply addicted to the ability to freeze food and make life more convenient in so many ways. It’s easy to assume that cooking from scratch means I forfeit quick meals […]

Valentines to Bake and Freeze Ahead of Time

With Valentine’s Day approaching, now is a great time to bake up a few cookies, stir up some fudge and stash it in the freezer for later this month. You can do the bulk of the work now and package it real purty later. You’ll be a rock star when your kids wake up to […]

Freezer Cooking Days – February

I spent January doing a Pantry Challenge, emptying the freezer, disposing of things past their prime, using up odds and ends. We did a big thaw of the deep freeze and now it’s time to fill it back up again. My freezer cooking plans are always so ambitious. Not sure how wise it is to […]

Freezer Cooking Results in January

Did you cook up a storm this weekend? I spent hours poring over recipes, editing them, and thinking about what I’ll cook up next go ’round. Decisions, decisions…. Got a question about freezer cooking? Don’t forget to submit it to the Ask the Readers feature in next month’s freezer cooking daze days. Would you like […]

Freezer Cooking Days in January

This month I am taking time to make the most of what we have, empty my freezer, and build a better pantry. Since Christmas found my deep freezer filled to the brim, it didn’t make sense to do a round of freezer cooking this month. So, this is a bye month for me. I’m also […]

Gramma John’s Blue Ribbon Chocolate Chip Cookies

My Gramma John was born and raised in South Eastern Minnesota. She lived most of her life on a farm, was widowed twice, and raised eight kids — six of them boys. Besides being a very brave and somewhat ornery woman, she was a fantastic baker. Here we are in my mom’s 1970s kitchen making […]

Oatmeal Cranberry Jumbles

Looking for a fun food gift? Might I suggest a recycled plastic pretzel jar full of Oatmeal Cranberry Jumbles? These cookies are so good. They are egg free, nut free, and taste fabulous. The cookie recipe is simply my Farm Style Oatmeal Cookies with 2 cups of dried cranberries mixed in. They can easily be […]

Meal Planning: Heading for the Hills

Photo source This is where we’re going later this week. Yes, yes, we are. Those of us who live in Southern California pay money to go to the snow in the same way that others might pay to get away from it. And we are soooo excited. My boys have wonderful memories of snow days […]