Jalapeno Popper Potatoes (Ultimate Recipe Swap: Potatoes)

Jalapeno Poppers Potatoes 2

Years ago we had a neighbor who made these delicious bacon appetizers. They were strips of bacon wrapped around the tiniest bits of cream cheese and jalapenos. They were time intensive to make, but oh so delicious to eat. And since then, I love jalapeno poppers when made with good cheeses and wrapped in bacon. […]

Braided Cinnamon Sugar Rounds (Ultimate Recipe Swap: Breads)

braided round complete

Maybe it’s the fast paced society we live in. Maybe it’s that I like to get the biggest bang for my buck. Maybe it’s that I’m just lazy. But, I love things that are multi-purpose. I love a gadget that can serve lots of purposes, like the Night Vision Spy Goggles that I got for […]

5 Ways to Dress Up a Burger (Ultimate Recipe Swap: Beef Dishes)

bleu ribbon burger bun

Hamburgers are a wonderful, all-in-one meal. Most people like them. (You can always make turkey or veggie burgers for those who don’t want the beef.) And they are easy to dress up or dress down. In fact, burgers are ideal for meeting the range of tastes in your family. I’ve met many a mom whose […]

Plain and Simple Slow Cooker Recipes (Ultimate Recipe Swap)

Ultimate Recipe Swap

I had all these great plans to tell you about these stew starters I made during my last round of freezer cooking. The concept was nice: put together a bag of meat and seasonings and aromatics and then freeze. On the day of serving, throw it all in the slow cooker and forget about it. […]

Homemade Garlic Lime Hummus (URS: 5-Ingredients or Less)


Ever look at a recipe that has a ginormous list of ingredients and decide that it just ain’t worth the trouble? Simple is better. You’re more inclined to make something if it’s easy to pull off. Years ago we were big fans of homemade ranch dressing. It takes 5, ok, 6 ingredients and I used […]

Vegetable Pasta with Pistou (URS: Quick Dinners)

Tomato Green Bean Basil Pasta

As much as I plot and plan, you might think that my home runs like a well-oiled machine. Alas, that is sadly not the case. Things happen. Life happens. And I often find myself in a big ole’ mess. More times than I would like to admit. That’s when having a few quick dinners in […]

Potatoes Alfredo (Ultimate Recipe Swap: Side Dishes)

Potatoes Alfredo 2

Side dishes add a little more oomph to a meal. They help you stretch what you have to fit a crowd. And some side dishes really complement a meal and make the main dish tastier than it would be without. I love some side dishes like mashed potatoes or baked potatoes or cheesy potatoes so […]

Back to School Recipes & Meal Ideas (URS/Eat Well, Spend Less)


We are gearing up for school to start soon. We actually don’t begin lessons until after Labor Day, but I’ve been planning the year’s coursework, purchasing curriculum, and preparing myself for a busy, busy schedule. Yesterday when I mapped out the daily routine for our home school, I realized that I need to be uber-prepared. […]