How to Find Gratitude and Grace When It Gets Tough

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At times, life is hard. Life as MOM contributor Prerna shares how she finds gratitude and grace amidst the storms of life. It was 2010. My husband, Mayank had been in chronic pain and pretty much on bed rest for almost 2 months now. I had a toddler, a fledgling blog and business, and absolutely […]

7 Shortcuts That’ll Take You From Stress to Smiles At Home

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For most of our daily routine, we know what to do. We just need to be motivated or encouraged to do it. This post from Elizabeth gives you that shot in the arm to relieve stress and tackle the day with a smile. Your heart holds more love than you ever imagined. Your to-do list […]

Shopping with Mercy

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The internet is a beautiful thing. I’ve met real-life and “virtual” friends as well as learned amazing things over the years since I plugged in. Even moreso since we kissed dial-up goodbye. I’ve also encountered amazing ministries, thanks to the world wide web. If not for the Compassion Bloggers’ trips, I don’t think that we’d […]

Stop Whining & Start Living: Understanding the Power of Our Words

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What we tell ourselves — and the griping that we do — has a direct effect on our circumstances. My friend Jamie offers some alternatives to whining. The following is a guest post by Jamie Martin of Steady Mom and Simple Homeschool. There was a time when I used my words in a bad, self-defeating […]

6 Tips for Better Pics

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Grab the Ultimate Photography Bundle this week only for photography instruction and tips from the professionals. The following is a guest post from Alex Maldonado: Having a house full of kids has its ups and downs. Some of the downs include the hours of 12-3AM. Some of the ups include impromptu dance parties and tons […]

Make a Meal in a Bag (Guest Post)

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The following is a guest post from Liz of Wonder Woman I’m Not: As a working mother with older children, the opportunities for family dinners are somewhat limited in our household. Between the kids’ work hours and extracurricular activities we have anywhere from 3 – 4 days per week maximum to eat together. That’s assuming […]

Taking Meals to Others (URS: Food that Travels)

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Over the last few weeks, we’ve talked about taking food on the road for vacation as well as taking it to potlucks. Today’s guest post from Jacinda offers suggestions for planning to take a meal to a friend. Today I hope you’ll share recipes that travel well, whether that’s on vacation, to a potluck or […]

Freezer Cooking Taught Me to Cook (A Guest Post)

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A guest post from Jacinda This year marks our 5th wedding anniversary. It’s hard to believe that just a short time ago my cooking abilities were no more than using a can opener or perfecting the art of peeling back the corner to vent the pre-made freezer meal for the microwave. I wanted to learn […]