A Giveaway from DaySpring

snowflake necklace

Photo Source When I was growing up it was always a big deal to head into a gift shop or stationer’s store. It might have been that my little brother was like a bull in a china store, but we seemed to whisper and walk on tip toe as we looked at the different baubles […]

Offering Holiday Support to Unemployed Loved Ones

christmas lights sneakerdog

Photo Source – The following is a guest post from Robbie – Two years ago was the worst Christmas of my life. There are few things more humbling than the realization that your kids likely wouldn’t have much, if anything, under the tree from you. Or that the traditions of holidays past went the way […]

Healthy Holiday – Making Homemade Gravy

Turkey Dinner

Quick! What’s missing from this picture? That’s right. Good gravy! It’s the gravy! In my book, gravy is a necessary element of a holiday dinner. Not only does it taste delicious, but it also covers a multitude of culinary sins. Dry turkey and tasteless stuffing are disguised when doused liberally with good, homemade gravy. Yet, […]

A Giveaway from Green Tea Hawaii


Photo Source Earlier today we talked about preparing a beverage basket in advance of holiday drop-ins so that you can be offer a cup of good cheer at a moment’s notice. There’s no shortage of tasty drink choices. And one you might not have considered is green tea. I think most of us have heard […]

Make a Beverage Basket for the Holidays

insidious plots coffee

Photo Source Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Holiday Season just begs that you share a cup of good cheer with your fellow man — and whoever happens to come to call. Friends and relatives are out and about. Spontaneity is also in season. Often, unless you know that company is coming, you might […]

Balancing Family Commitments at the Holidays

Turkey Dinner

Photo source The holidays can be a wonderful time to get together with family that you don’t often see. It can be an enriching opportunity for your children to visit with cousin, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. It can be “the most wonderful time of the year.” Or, it can be a tad stressful. Family holidays […]

Girls, Dressing Up, & A Shailie Giveaway


FishChick4 had her birthday yesterday. Not only did she ask for a Cinderella doll, but we also had a princess cake. And FishChick2 cried herself to sleep because she didn’t get a Dora bicycle with training wheels. Yes, girls are different than boys. And while I would say that my girls are a little more […]

Make Some (Healthier) Turkey Treats for Breakfast

Turkey Shaped Cinnamon Rolls Life as MOM

Homemade cinnamon rolls take on a new twist when they’re shaped as turkeys! Make these with your kids and you’ll have a wonderful family tradition. Remember these guys? I created these turkey-shaped cinnamon rolls for the first time four years ago. I was two weeks postpartum after having FishChick4. My father-in-law was visiting and had […]