Give Your Kids a Veggication (Giveaway)


The following is a guest post from Jenna of Food with Kid Appeal: At long last! A tool to help busy parents teach kids how vegetables nourish their brain for optimal learning. Whether you homeschool or just want some enrichment activities over the summer, a Veggication is for everybody. Veggication is a nutrition education program […]

Beans & Rice Taco Salad (Ultimate Recipe Swap: Salads)

veggie taco salad 2

This week we’ve been talking about ways to be better stewards of the resources God’s given us, specifically the earth. When it comes to food, one of the first things I associate with “green living” is salads. Salads bursting with vegetables are a great way for us to nourish our bodies at the same time […]

Tips for a Greener Home School & Office

scotch tape

Since I teach my kids at home, our house is where we “live.” It gets messier than it would if most of us were gone all day. It wears more of a “lived in” look than many other homes. This is where we do life. It’s also where we go through huge amounts of papers […]

A Giveaway from MadeOn Hard Lotion

beesilk lg gift pack

I have always struggled with dry skin. Dry, white little flakes constantly. That is, if I don’t do anything about it. And I confess, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to skin care. I really don’t like that sticky feeling on my hands after moisturizing. But, as I age, I’m learning that it really does […]

Choosing the Right Fish (& a Giveaway from Alaska Seafood)

alaskan fishing boat

Last fall the FishFam visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We learned all kinds of useful information about how to preserve sea wildlife and how to be good stewards of our world’s oceans. The amount of information can be overwhelming. But, one thing I took away was the idea of being more intentional in how I […]

Tips for Using Reusable Shopping Bags

grocery bag

This is part of the Going Green series. Join me as we explore ways to make green living more convenient. Back in my youth, I worked at a grocery store. It was my very first “real” job. I bagged groceries for two years during high school. And since I was a perfectionist, I became “expert” […]

Small Ways to Go Green

groceries van

It used to be that I thought recycling and environmental issues were for the extremists. You see, I went to a liberal arts college where the environmental studies majors were quite militant and “in your face” about green issues. That just rubbed me the wrong way and made me want to push back. After awhile, […]

Get a Little Green

Hefty plates

It’s not easy being green. — Kermit the Frog Well, Kermit was right. It’s not easy. But, it’s really not as hard as you think. I amaze even myself sometimes. Since moving back to California, we’ve developed a few more eco-friendly practices than we had before. The main one being that I rarely bring my […]