Time for Bed!

Time for Bed! Kids awake when you want them to sleep? Consider these strategies for happy bedtimes.

Kids awake when you want them to sleep? Consider these strategies for happy bedtimes. Last week I recommended that me and all moms try to get a little more sleep. My weekend sleep goals didn’t quite go as planned as several children were up during the night due to snuffly noses and too warm weather. […]

Toolin’ Up Tuesday: The Portable High-Chair/Booster Seat with Tray

At our house tools are things that help you do your job better. Love that definition. You could put such a spin on it. “Honey, this new chair will really make our family read aloud time so much richer. It’s definitely a tool our home needs.” Can you just see husbands everywhere rolling their eyes? […]

Oh My Goodness! Go Wash Your Hands

Check out this post about what germs are lurking in your washing machine. Hmm…..

Home Management Resources

messies manual

When I was first married, I was in grad school and simultaneously student teaching. Monday through Friday was go, go, go, and I played catch-up on the weekend. Once I graduated, I found myself without a job for a short while, so I invested my time and energy in organizing our little 250 sq. ft […]

Toolin’ Up Tuesday: The Shark

Since my husband is a general contractor, tools have always been a big deal at our house. In our book, tool is defined as “anything that helps you do your job better.” They have always been a worthy investment for us, especially if they help do the job quicker and more easily. As a newlywed, […]

What is Home Management?

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If you’re a mom, you know that there are lots of aspects of life that will thrive under your care and attention: marriage, parenting, housework, finances, your children’s education, your family’s social life (with each other and with other people)…. the list goes on. But, sometimes all these different “spheres” of life can be overwhelming. […]